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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Georgia on my mind...

Georgia on my mind is the official license plate quote on GA plates. Pretty clever eh?

Well peeps I made my way to Athens, GA which I think turns out to be trip #8 there. I think...don't quote me on that. Things have definitely changed as far as relationships go out there, but currently and permanently (i hope unless she boots me!) I stay with my wonderful friend that I am so blessed with, Christie. Her full name is Amy Christie (last name that I won't put on here). =) She NEVER goes by Amy, but I sporatically throw it in there to crack myself up if no one else. She is a great gal and worked with my sister (a WHOLE other post for another time!) at the University of Georgia. GO DAWGS! Christie works in Event Management for the athletic dept. She works like a maniac and is fantastic at what she does.

I flew out August 12th to arrive in HOT-lanta at approx. 4:30. About 1.5 hours late due to some weather warnings that turned out to be nothing. We were told to land somewhere else other than Atlanta and five minutes later we were clear. Whatever! I didn't ask!

AC picked me up and off we went for some good ol shoppin and eating! Two of my favorite things you say? YOU GOT IT! Not only eating, but Cheesecake Factory eatin! That's GOOD eating folks. That night we went to Wally World (walmart) and then home.

Friday was a day of partial rest for me. AC went to work and picked me up for lunch at Chik-Fil-A with the PEEPS!
We met Scottie McScotterton and Keith the intern there. Have I explained what characters these athletic dept. people are? It is like comedy central's a wonder that work gets done around there! (pic of AC and I at Chik-Fil-A)

When AC and SS walk is like the whole restaurant stops to say hello and to give something to them. Anything from ice cream, to milkshakes, to more jokes than we could handle! Mr. Bill came by. Now listen carefully who Mr. Bill is. Mr. Bill is an older gentleman that "works" at The Chik. No one knows for sure if he is on the payroll or what the deal is. All we know is that he leaves for the summer around May and shows up the first day back for the sorority girls...coincidence? I THINK NOT!

He wanders the lobby getting refills, ice cream for birthdays (mostly fake birthdays) and telling GOD AWFUL jokes that get the girls screamin! It is lovely! So needless to say, The Chik is quite the experience in itself. In case you were wondering, I get the number 5 with Lemonade. It is DANG good!  It's an 8 piece chicken nugget meal with criss cut fries.  Mmmmmm I can taste it in my mouth as I write this!  Oh yeah and guess what else? The Chik is NOT open on Sundays...those peeps are messed in the head down there I tell ya! You also can't buy ANY KIND of alcohol on about a mess! They are worse off than IRAQ! (that was a joke, relax people!)

Friday night we partook in dinner with AC's parents who are kind beyond words! They are darling little southern people and my favorite word they say is "mutha!" Oregon translation: mother. Example from AC's mumma: "Meghan, you should have brought your mutha here!" Darling darling people! We finished the evening off with some opening ceremonies...can I get a woo woo! It was a fabulous performance, although most of it a hoax...who do those Chinese think we are? I did cry when the little boy that survived the earthquake and saved some of his classmates came out with Yao Ming. Darling darling boy! Wait... everything else was a hoax it seems...I bet that kid isn't even from China!  (again,kidding!  don't get your panties in a bunch!)

Saturday was a day of SHOPPING with AC and Cheryl, a Pi Phi sister of AC's. My purchases were strong and solid. We shopped and shopped and shopped some more. Then home to Loco's for a bite and home to watch my boy Michael in the pool. I love my pool boy! Olympic watching continued EVERY night from 8-1:00. Not even joking. Tired, tired, tired.

Sunday was PARTY day! We walked off some food we had eaten (meghan thought she would die! please keep in mind NO form of excercise, besides lifting her 51 lb luggage had taken place since before the SURG!), power went out, and we shopped for the par-tay!  REWIND...power went out?  YES ma'am!  It was out for 2.5 hours.   Please keep in mind, that it is about 85 degrees when you wake up and about 90% humidity.  When the ac goes out...everyone is miserable!  It was quite funny because the news kept saying it was "cool".  Cool where people?  In your shower maybe!!!  Not outside, that is for sure!  It is like a sauna out there!  You can get cooked just walking to your car.

Party goers came about 5:00. Invite list was as follows: Me, AC, Scottie McScotterton, J-Mill and gf Candy, and JayLowe and wife Courtney. We had a blast visiting and eating. Pics were taken, and peeps hit the road. Scottie actually kicked them out so he could be a ladies man and watch the Olympics with AC and I alone. True story!

Scottie Mc, J-Mill, Me, JayLowe

(check out the hat!)


Monday brought another day of nothng else but THE CHIK!  And Mr. Bill! Scottie calls it his community service that he gives Mr. Bill the time of day and even sends him emails with the schedules from the dawgs!  Scottie's such a good guy!

Monday afternoon brought a trip to the Mayfield dairy.  We accidently ran into it when we were on our way to Chateau Elan.  CE is a winery.  Nothing like a good ice cream and wine in a day eh?? ONE of the only wineries in Georgia I might add.  It is a beautiful resort type area with winery, hotel, golf courses, estates, etc.  Very beautiful!  I tasted and bought wine.  Nervous about making my luggage too heavy.  Lucky for me Ghetto air doesn't weigh their bags apparently cause I am sure I wouldn't have passed that one!

Tuesday came way too soon.  The day of departure.  We headed to Hot-lanta early in order to get our favorite breakfast pastry...Beignets!!!    Last year we got Beignets from Huey's so we headed back there.  IT WAS CLOSED FOR GOOD!  Worst day of my life!  We went next door to R. Thomas' and ate a lovely meal.  Nothing like beignets though.  Sad panda =(

That was it people.  My summer vacation.  The best.  I love going there.  I love the peeps.  I hate the heat but love the peeps.

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