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Friday, July 31, 2009

Pace of Courage...August 15th, 2009 BE THERE!!!

My friend Shannon has teamed up with Reason To Run in honor of the Martinez family who was fighting two cancers.  Sadly, their three year old son, Alec, lost his fight with brain cancer.  His beloved mother has her own battle with cancer she is fighting too.  You can check out a beautiful story about Alec below...

I will be volunteering at this event and would LOVE to see you walking/running!

The goal is to have 400 runners!  YOU should be one of them!

THIS IS THE CUT!! IT'S THE CUT!!!! aka Orcas Island 7/09

The Boy and I returned from a lovely adventure to Orcas Island, WA yesterday evening. (this is REALLY late! I couldn't get my pics to post!)

It was an adventure let me tell you!!!!! We went with friends, Dan and Kirsten. The plan was to sleep in the tent in Tiffany's backward...should be interesting!

The entire 6 hour car ride back (plus a stop for lunch and Cabela's) I debated on the layout I would make for this post...I do enjoy lists so I decided to go with it! Don't worry...I will elaborate where needed!

-left at noon Friday...arrived at 11:00pm that night
(traffic was horrible from Vancouver to Everett, one quick stop at Burgerville, a rest stop with a HUGE arborvitae and two missed ferry's)
-when we had arrived...we were greeted by approximately 25 wasted "pretty people" that were complete strangers to The Boy and I... (you know, the type that look good in their pj's and make up all over their face?) we chose to set tents up in the dark and head straight to bed...we could hear much chaos outside including what we believe was stripping...

-the view in the morning was to die for...the house was on the water!

-we headed out for some sightseeing

-we went to Happy Hour and racked up a $101.00 bill...who knows how that happened? This is what we ordered...4 beers, 4 glasses of wine, one antipasta plate, one crab quesadilla, one piece of pie and one piece of red that right...$101.00

-we took the boys to the wedding we were NOT invited to

-we hung out at the beach while they were at the wedding they didn't want to go to

-the groom's grandma asked why they weren't serving hot dogs at the wedding...after is hot dog month (crazy granny!)

-the boys got kicked out of the wedding when we showed up to pick them up...the bride made sure NO one she didn't know was invited (i.e. girlfriends of the guests) when she saw us the groom made sure the boys split...

-we went to Mt. Constitution

-we went to bed early...we heard the "night" show of more wasted people...and more wasted people...they sang, danced, and stripped again...the title of the blog came from this part...we heard screams of "This is the cut!!! This is the cut!!!" When a song they enjoyed came on...oh wait that was EVERY song! HYSTERICAL!!!

-we woke up VERY early to get to the Ferry so we could make it on by 9:00am

-we arrived in Portland by 5:00pm

Quick Trip but some VERY good times and adventures!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Nannie...

These last few weeks have been such a whirlwind.  I haven't had the time or the energy to post about what these last weeks have consisted of.  It's life...and it's something that I will never forget.

Back in April, my nannie was in the ICU diagnosed with sepsis from a bladder infection.  She came out with flying colors after about a month of hospital and rehab.  She was a little slower as far as moving and she was using a walker when going to far places like her favorites...Fred Meyer or Target.  She was gaining strength everyday.  Monday, June 29th she was diagnosed with Cancer.  It was far into it's was one of the worst days of my life when I found out.  The doctor let us know it was in her uterus, liver, and lungs.  On July 3rd she was taken to the emergency room with massive pain in her abdomen and her stomach was extending rapidly.  She was admitted and never left.  We spent many of hours by her bedside as she got weaker and weaker by the day.

By Tuesday morning we had signed her up for hospice in hopes she would be able to go to some kind of foster care.  Wednesday she was incoherent and very uncomfortable.  As much as I have been through, this was the absolute worst day of my life.  I can't even bare to think about it. That day we decided to put her on a morphine drip just to keep her comfortable and to stop all other forms of medicine.  Many many people came to the hospital to show support.  My mom and I were there for about 48 hours straight with  quick breaks to run home for showers. Although that time was rough, I would not exchange it for the world.  We sat by her by with every breath... knowing each one could be the last.  She held on and fought with all her might...until Friday the 10th when we all happened to walk into the hallway to say goodbye to part of the family.  I walked back in quickly to get something and grabbed her hand.  She took her last breath then.  She was gone.

My nannie and I had a great relationship that I will cherish forever.  She was like a second mother to me.  I spent many evenings with her as a child and she moved in with us for a couple weeks when both my dad and my sister passed.  She was NEVER sick...even a cold was rare.  I never thought she would die.  It broke my heart into a million pieces.

I thank each and everyone of you for all the things you did.  My wonderful mother was a champ through this all.  My amazing boyfriend stuck by me, left work early a few days, missed work a few days, brought me food, took me out for a walk when I needed it, fed my mom's dog and anything and everything he could.  My wonderful friend Angela coordinated all the food for the reception following the service and her wonderful crew...Patricia, Theresa, Kaitlyn, Jessica, Mrs. McArthur, Mrs. Roth, Mrs. Bright, and whoever else she grabbed off the street to bake or cook something.

I am still in a state of shock.  It is very surreal to me that one more person in my life has passed on.  When she realized she was dying, my mom and her had a conversation about it...she told my mom she was excited to get to Heaven because she couldn't wait to hug and kiss my sister.  It brings tears to my eyes now to even think about how cool that was for them.  Sad to die and leave us here, but oh so excited to see my sister, my grandfather, and many others.

When a person is dying at Providence Hospital, they offer any kind of support you need.  We accepted a "Passage Quilt" for her to be covered up with.  It is green with flowers.  She LOVED green.  I got to keep the quilt and I sleep with it every night.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us get through has been rough and I can imagine will continue to be for awhile.  Please know I cherish you all and I am there for you when you need me...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beacon Rock Trail, 7.12.09

The Boy and I desperately needed to get "out" after spending the week in the hospital with my Nannie.  (more on her later)  We needed something quick but get some "energy" out.
Beacon Rock did just that for us.  It took about 20 minutes to get up, but up up and up was the keywords.

Indian Head to Pup Falls June 21, 2009 (I know it's a little late!)

This was a beautiful hike and we enjoyed having Candace and her lab Lucy join us!  It rained a bit but it was perfectly okay!  We ended up going 9 miles or so.  Some pretty cool sights and a lot of damage.  We came home with wet feet, scrapes and bruises but all worth it!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Trails and Tribulations Part 5, June 27th (i know i am out of order), Ramona Falls

Hello all my avid readers...I currently am resting in room 5R27 at Providence Portland...with Nannie.  She has had some speed bumps that we are embracing with our deepest love but unfortunately they don't love us back.  She has fluid in her belly that's not moving...a decision of possibly surgery will be done tomorrow or Tuesday...don't rush people...IT'S OKAY!!!  Take your time!!!  We've got all day!  Heck all week!  And you know me...ALL SUMMER!!!

She was brought in Friday night via ambulance because with deep consultation of Dr. Conway (aka my mom) they decided there was a possible heart attack, vomiting, and pain in her 6 heart attack, but everything I had previously stated.
So thank goodness for a little wireless Providence Internet eh?  I mean I used to work for them so I think I have put in my time if I do say so myself...I have earned this privilege!
Since I have my laptop and the photos from our last hikey hike...I will post out of order.
Ramona Falls was rated an A+ in my book.  6.8 miles...not hard at all.  Not so much of a workout besides the walking, but all in all good.  We got up SUPER early for this one, and as it turns out...The Boy was FINALLY right and it was a good idea due to the fact that MANY people were coming up as we were headed down.  Nice job Boy!!! I taught you well on the planning side =)  It is near Zig Zag on the way to Mt. Hood so we have some amazing mountain pics!  For those of you out of towners that lurk...Mt. Hood has snow year round and in fact the US Ski team practices here because where else can you find snow in July?  Plus there are MANY ski and snow boarding camps here in the summer so it's kind of odd to see kids with snowboards in the airport in July!

I never post these pictures in the right order and who cares anyway?  This is the "seasonal" bridge that is across the Sandy River.  If the bridge is not there (any months but spring and summer) you must use proper crossing the water techniques.  I recently found out that one of my very good friends and readers has crossed with no bridge!  YIKES!  I am not down with that.
You have seen this one many of times...

This is the actual Ramona Falls.  It is gorgeous!!!

When we went in this certain part of the trail, we had to fill out a pass that was carbon copy and put one copy in this box.  I suppose this is so they know your plans if in fact you are lost.  We were pretty proud of the pass.  The Boy still has it on his pack.  I think he loves it.  If you are caught without the pass...$100...
Tree damage...these ones that come up with the roots and all just amaze me...

The Boy
Beautiful Mt. Hood with the Sandy river in front...
Small beautiful creek...
The dry river...the river is up to the bottoms of the trees in the winter...

There you have it...Fun Hike # 5!!!  Woot woot!
I have more pics from The Boy but you must wait as he takes approximately 19 days to get them up...Love ya!