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I wrote this blog to keep notes on my daily life...some is about teaching, some about just plain normal life...who am I kidding? My life is anything but plain and normal! I hope you enjoy! I love to know who is reading so leave me a comment!!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Welcome to the world Weston!

At 11:23 PM on June 22, Weston Robert Parker entered the world...
Mama was very brave, was in labor about 23 hours and did it all naturally, in water at HOME!
She was a rock star!

Congrats Jason and Della!!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

10 on Tuesday...(so I forgot last week! I was a touch busy)

1. I forgot my 10 on Tuesday last excuse is this: I was busy playing Bunco and thinking about the last day of school. I won the most "wins" too...BOO-YA!

2. I have 75% of a deck!!! yahoo!! And in actuality...I only needed ten boards to do what I wanted to...which was lay out...but I would need some sun to do that...and WE DON'T HAVE ANY!!! The Boy worked really hard over the weekend to get it done. I am proud of him.

3. My newest "nephew" should be born today or tomorrow! Contractions have been going since 1:30am!!! Weston's mama is a rockstar and she is having a homebirth with no drugs!

4. Today I am going on a 6 mile walk...three to the allergist for shots and three back.

5. School's OUT!!!! I have one new teaching teammate for next year and one that I will keep around.

6. The Boy and I went to see Toy Story 3 yesterday. Super cute, not worth the 3d glasses fee though. It had no special effects for the 3d glasses. We have figured out how to get the glasses for free though. If you go to the first showing of the day and buy your tickets at Costco...CHA-CHING!!!! Any other time of day you must pay for the glasses. It's still cheaper if you go with the Costco tickets, but the first showing is the best. And the fact that The Boy only works every other Monday is stellar for our movie going!

7. We went on a muddy hike yesterday too. I didn't think it was going to be "hard" I wore tennis shoes and my favorite LONG workout pants...BAD was "hard" and MUDDY and my workout pants barely made it!

8. I have all my "thank-yous" done (end of the school year gifts) and are ready to be sent out...BOO-YA for less than a week later!!!!

9. I learned how to play Yahtzee last night....yes, I know I am the last person on the planet to learn to play. We played with a set that was made in 1956 from my Nannie's house. It was awesome and smelled kind of funny!

10. Mom's surprise party is fast approaching and I am getting really nervous about it!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

40 years ago today...The world became a better place...

The world became a better place because of my good friend Melissa...

Dear Melissa,

I hope you don't mind I snagged this pic of your FB! I love it because it is ONE of many ways that shows the world what an amazing person you are. You worked hard to train for your half marathon and you finished! Just like everything in your work hard to finish. You are admired by many...for many reasons. I appreciate you more than you will ever know. I don't know how I got so lucky to have you...I wish you the best of birthdays and many many more to come!

I love you,

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Maid of Honor year late

So May 9th..a year ago I was maid of honor for Lisa's wedding...
I found my speech today while cleaning out some files at school. I wanted to post it as a memory...You probably won't get most of it!

I am Meghan, the Co-Maid of Honor...
I have known Lisa since the summer of ' almost ten years. We may or may not have met through another boy...but that's neither here nor there.
Over the last ten years..Lisa and I have been through many good times and many bad times...I appreciate everything she has offered in our friendship and will miss her terribly when they move. I put a little list together for Mark...

The Top Ten Things Mark may or may not already know about Lisa...but he NEEDS to know them!!!

1. she eats like a garbage disposal, but plays it off like she doesn't (she has a secret stash of candy at work)
2. together we have invented our own car alarm
3. she has a mysterious Hooters outfit...
4. She wears a button with a picture of you on it when she plays dominoes
5. she has a new found talent of shot gunning beer
6. she can play dominoes like champ..the girls have NEVER lost
7. she saves every single award or piece of paper she has ever received and uses them for wallpaper
8. when you go to happy hour with her...expect about 10 more people to show up because she invites everyone and their mom
9. you may want to check under her wedding dress for long underwear...everytime we went to try on wedding dresses, the store girls were VERY confused
10. she will be a great wife...

Mark, I couldn't have picked a better husband for Lisa myself...
Thanks for taking her off my hands...
I love you both dearly and look forward to some Utah visits!!!

-there is a video that we produced of a vacation we took to Texas that only we think is funny

10 on Tuesday...

So here's my attempt to blog more...10 things every Tuesday. I got this idea from Nounces. It's a grand one too! She actually designed my mom's surprise party invites!!! That's #1!!!

1. Plans for mom's surprise party are in full gear!!! The best part is, that I can post this cause she can't even turn on a computer let alone find my blog!!!

I had to block out names and address' to protect the is mom!

Invites are out and are D-A-R-L-I-N-G if I do say so myself! If you need invites done, I highly recommend her!!! She has an etsy shop too but just click on her link above and it will lead you!!!!
2. My children are giving speeches on their favorite zoo animal. One little boy asked his classmate a question after the speech it went like this:

"How do you know so much about lions?"
"Well my mom knew it all! She must have listened really good in class!"

3. I kept one of my "friends" in from recess today due to some chronic spitting problems. Please note, this is one who skipped kind of on the bright side.

Me: "Why were you spitting on the playground...AGAIN?!?!?!" Student: "It's weird...I just get out of control sometimes!"

4. Exactly one week from now, I will have said good-bye to my fourth year of students and hello to a nice lovely adult beverage!

5. My new nephew was born on June3rd. His name is Tyler Paul Jensen. He is Rylee's new baby brother. He was ONE ounce smaller than his big sister, weighing in at 7.3 and 19.5 inches.

6. My OTHER new nephew was born on June 4th. His name is Chase Conway Cyr. He weighed in at 7.4 and 21 inches I believe.

(no, that was no mistake..two very HAPPY great grandma!)

7. We just finished up talent show try-outs at school today... 3 words... SO FREAKIN CUTE!!!
These kids have guts I tell ya! More than half have never had a lesson a day in their life and they strut their stuff like they are professionals!

8. I am patiently waiting the arrival of my new deck...=)

9. Have I mentioned that I have one week of school left?

10. One of my sweet sweet friends in my class had a bad accident last Friday. She was doing the monkey bars and near her last one, slipped off and hit her elbow on the platform where the kids land. Needless to was very broken. The poor sweet thing had to go in for surgery that night to get pins in her elbow.