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Saturday, December 26, 2009

You Better Watch Out...

The Boy has an ongoing date Christmas Eve...he plays Santa for some good friend's of ours.  I didn't get to go, but the pictures are so cute I needed to share my favorite!  He even does his eyebrows white!  He loves this more than any other thing at Christmas!  The kids just love it too!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Winter Break...

Day #6
Christmas Eve...we have added 4 babies to our family since April 15th.  Two more will be there for next Christmas eve...none will be from me!  yeah for other's babies that I can love on and give back!
The year of babies...

In other happenings:  there was a major plumbing issue at Grandma's house...but that didn't stop the "guys" from doing the dishes and Cousin Jeff got new undies finally!

Aubrey just smiling away...she was already in her jammies!  Done with the Christmas dress!Skylar had the cutest snowman leg warmers on!  She is a doll!

Jeff got a new pair of undies!
Rylee LOVES the camera!  Anytime you even pointed it at her she smiled!  It was insane!
Adison finally calmed down...these babies were soooo tired!!!!
Rylee has developed a nice rat tail!

Cousin and Uncle doing the dishes by hand and dumping the water in the yard due to a small plumbing issue!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Winter Break...

Day #5...

picked up the key to the beach overnight surprise for The Boy...

hung out at Teacha's house for a few hours...that was fun...i love her

was insane and went to Costco to pick up some pictures...what was I thinking?

came home and cleaned out some drawers and packed more boxes!

Then I convinced myself it was okay to open my present from Christie in Georgia...and I LOVE IT!  It's my beautiful scarf in the picture!

exchanged two gifts with The Boy...he went overboard and got me like twenty things...he let me open three and he opened one...

I opened a heart ornament he got for our first Christmas (everyone together...awwwww), The Biggest Loser cookbook, Simple Swaps and a waterproof wallet that is pretty groovy...

We'll have to see what Christmas Eve gifts bring!  I can't wait!

After a dinner of homemade pizza, we headed out to Peacock Lane.  Unfortunately for us, EVERYONE in Portland had the same idea! DOH!  It was still fun though!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My New Digs..

Winter Break...

Day #4...  I can't believe it's day four already!!!!

The Boy and I had an appt. at the new home to do a walk through with a fine tooth comb to make sure everything was just perfect.

We prepared my money to be spent on closing costs and down payments...

We drove to Corvallis (barf!) to see our friend Dan who just had a MAJOR surgery...he had the following done in ONE DAY!   Full rhinoplasty, broken jaw and it was moved forward so he actually has a chin now, tonsils out, adnoids out, soft pallette cut, and I think that may be it...he is doing great and doesn't snore anymore!!! Wahoo!!! Can't wait to go camping again and not be awake from his snoring!

We stopped at the outlets on the way home!

We went to the B's to deliver presents that we couldn't wait to give them!

We just got home and I am about to fall asleep as I write this!

Pics of the house coming in the next post!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Break...

Day #3...
Many errands...
took pics of exterior of my new house (that's fun when the sign says SOLD!)
ate lunch at Five Guys
ran to mother's for some items
dropped of a load at Goodwill...many more to come!

Went to Rose's house for Christmas with her fam...

Got some amazing gifts...

Ate some lovely food...

Came home and watched Elf!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Break

Day #2

Starbucks with Teacha, hair done, dessert pizza making (okay watching HIM make it) and potluck at some friends' house.  Dinner at friend's house was interesting.  There was a girl...that made a cake...that was a log...she also talked a lot about her cat.  For those of you that know me...I despise cats.  I kind of blew it off.  I had been browsing pics around the house, like I do in all houses and I saw a display of Christmas cards/pictures.  One was a full on Christmas Picture.  You know...that kind of the family and it's cute but not cheesy unless they are wearing ridiculous Santa hats or something.  It wasn't exactly a family was a cat.  One human, just a cat.  It was sleeping with reindeer ears on!  The side said, The Cat (can't remember it's name) was nestled all snug in her bed...I am sure the rest was something corny but I grabbed it as fast I could to show The Boy.  He looked and we snickered then he asked his buddy who's card it was..."Oh Shirley (names have been changed to protect the Crazies!) sent that to us!"  Well Shirley was the log cake lady in the next I flung it back onto the table as fast as I could and proceeded to laugh the whole night about it.  She is a CCL..crazy cat lady!

Then we kicked butt at Wii Bowling...below is a pic of me on the couch staying clear of the cat...and of course The Boy took it while I was blowing my nose!  Have I mentioned I got the usual Christmas Break sinus infection?  Fourth year running...fourth year teaching...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Break...

Day #1...

December 19, 2009

Ice Racing...yes that is motor cycles, quads, go carts, and three wheelers racing around an ice skating rink.  Amazing soon.

There was an Ice Queen that brought out signs for each round like in boxing...she had on MAJOR FM high heel boots and I knew she would fall at some point.  It wasn't happening so I stopped watching because I was going to get so embarassed for her.  Well...guess what?!?!?  She pretty much bit it and save herself...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lunch with the Semilliams...

We had lunch with the Semilliams today...

Sass has this great app on her iPhone where it takes a pic every 5 seconds. She put it in the planter next to our table to capture our lunchtime!
My hand is the pink sleeved one. It's fun to stare at one item on the table and see what happens to it...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dear Santa...let me explain...

So...yesterday I committed teacher suicide and had my kids write letters to Santa.  In this day and age, Santa is prohibited in my class.  I don't mind though.  The kids can celebrate all they want to at home, but we have MANY differences at school and should respect them all!

But yesterday I had a moment of weakness.  I needed to do something different for writing time so we busted these bad boys out!

As I was reading through them last night, I got to laughing very very is what it read (from what I can decipher)

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this Christmas.  I might not get that much presents this year but that's okay.  Thank you for all that you gave me all these years.  You have been a good man all these years and this is what I want. DS games.

Love, B

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Swiney's Debut

I have to tell you the SWEETEST story ever!  This week has been a tad rough for SOME of us in my class =) so this one makes me feel so good!

So today, the Swiney vaccine made it's debut at our school.  About 6 kids got "the call".  No clue that some kids get nasal mist and some get the shot.  Dumb teacher told them all to not worry cause they were getting a mist and no shots! Oopsie!  Student C comes back and would not look at me for the rest of the day because he had the shot...and Student A was in tears and needed a stuffed animal/cuddle time with Mr. Stuart for awhile.  Anyway, while A was still gone, we discussed being compassionate with our classmates who were hurting and things we could say to them.  So my sweet redhead takes it a step further...
Since he is student of the week, he gets to sit on the couch with a friend during carpet time...I look over only to see two students and not my redhead on the couch.  Being the grouchy one I am...I ask, "why are you two on the couch?" and your boy goes "I let them sit there".  He never said it was because they were feeling hurt, but I KNOW that is why he did it.  HE HAS A HEART OF GOLD...I told his mama to loan me the book on how she did that!

On another note...Someone MAY or MAY not have told some people that a certain teacher is preggers? How else do you expect me to get the Swiney Shot?!?!?!?  Karma does happen though..I lied, therefore I had to have the shot that hurt as opposed to the Nasal Mist.  Pregnant women have to have the dead vaccine not the live via the Nasal Mist. =)

Sunday, November 29, 2009


This Thanksgiving I was not looking forward to.  I knew I would miss my Nannie terribly but also knew I would survive.  After getting some advice (advice is stuff you already know, people just need to remind you) from a wonderful friend, I remembered that I didn't need to run away from my feelings by leaving town or anything like that...I need to feel my feelings and be with my feelings.  I was sad, but it turned out to be a good day.  I had pancakes for breakfast...laid around the house for a bit and then headed to mom's house.  We picked up my grandmother and were off to Washougal to have a feast with my Aunt Sue and Uncle Mike.  Among the guests were my two favorite...The A-Team!  They are so darn cute!  Even when they were upset and very tired they were too cute!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and had a lot to be thankful for!

Aubrey before the feast!
Aubrey after the feast...eating takes a lot out of a girl!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Amazing moments in time...

I have to admit...I feel not quite right with my students lately.  I haven't yet connected so well this year.  I don't know what's different, but it's not right.  Last year was my first year in first grade, but my second year with the same kids.  That could be the difference.  I knew those kids like they were my own and vice versa.

Today was a moment that made me realize why I do the job I do...

Mr. Z came up and exclaimed..."Miss MegPie!  I LOVE this CD player!  It taught me to READ!  I can read this book now!"  He was excited beyond words that he could now read.  That is the empowerment kids need to make it all "click".  My guess is that his reading will take off shortly. He had a perma smile ALL DAY!

Hey...even if it wasn't me that taught him to made me happy!
Those CD players must have so much joy everyday!

Friday, November 20, 2009

It's soft and feminine...

My mom's beauty salon made the December issue of Portland Monthly!
Needless to say...ALL the ladies were thrilled...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas Shopping...

I have been Christmas shopping on one of my favorite sites that I thought I would share with you guys incase you don't know about it! It's called and it has purely homemade things! It's wonderful for that unique gift you have been looking for. I love to purchase items for friends and family.

I recently purchased one of their amazing Scrabble Tile necklaces. I would post a pic, but one of my readers may or may not be the recipient! Wouldn't you like to know?!?!?!

But I wanted to share the site I used for this great gift!

Head over to to check it out yourself!

After Christmas I may post what I bought! I will surely purchase more from them too, as they are very punctual and great quality items!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Marysville...will rise again...

After Tuesday's horrible fire at Marysville Elementary, I counted my blessings more than once.  As a teacher, I realize how much I would lose if there was a fire in our building.  But Portland has come through!  A good friend is a teacher there.  I emailed asking what they needed.  Their request, very simple...nametags for desks and borders for walls.  I knew I could do that.  I sent out an email to my staff and within minutes a table was full of items to be shared with our "friends" at Marysville.  Teachers stick together.

My friend offered to come get items yesterday, but I declined as I was waiting for more.  I am glad I did.  I got to experience Portland coming together to help this awesome school.  For those of you who don't know, Marysville has taken over the Elementary School formerly known as Rose City Park.

Here is what happened when I went there today...

-security greeted me at the parking lot
-my friend brought out some of her friends to help and they were sporting their new shirts thanks to Nike, the shirts brought tears to my eyes.  "Marysville" (on the front)  "We will rise again"  on the back
-once we walked into the building there were people EVERYWHERE...these people included: news crews, Nike employees, Portland Public School employees, donors, and many more!
-people were dropping things off like crazy...former teachers were bringing their old stuff by...there is a reason people keep that stuff...and this is it.
- as I unloaded my car, a Nike Van was behind me with a backpack full of supplies and a coat for EVERY student at the school...simply amazing.
-Nike has also provided food for the staff as well as a sport bag for each one
-Office Max is requesting wish lists from each teacher, and will be fulfilled 
-Powell's Books said they would donate 800 books, and 1,500 showed up

I am overwhelmed with the support they have gotten...and don't even teach there!

All this great stuff...but still a lot of tears and a ton of emotion will be there over the weekend and especially Monday when the kids roll up to their new school on their buses that will bus them from the neighborhood near Marysville.

My thoughts, prayers, and strength will be with the staff and students as they endure a very hard next couple of weeks...Marysville, please know you have support from ALL over this place!  You will rise again!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

What the world needs...(snatched from CJane)

What the world needs is less...

Sample people...

and more monkeys...

and bumble bees...

Monday, October 26, 2009

The ER= one word....CLASSY!

The Boy and I were enjoying a nice combination of football and baseball on tv last night in my room. I mean what more could this girl ask for really???? Thank goodness for the "recall" button on the really saves a lot of quality watching time. At the precise moment when one of those people hit one of those ball things...we heard kind of a crash. I figured it was the neighbors getting excited about the game. The Boy insisted it was my roommate in the living room. Whatever. I didn't check. A few seconds later another crash. Being the responsible apartment renter that I am...I still didn't check. A few minutes later our stomachs were calling to us so I retreated to the kitchen for some snacks when I was approached by my roomie who was interested in my opinion on the gash in his forehead. What in the world??? He quickly explained he had a small problem. In my opinion and from my colleague that talks about "Tattle Tongue" and when not to seek help and when to take care of it this case it was necessary to get an adult.
"Well MegPie, I was going pee and the next thing I knew I was lying on the floor!" Just then he turns and runs into the bathroom to puke his brains up...he proceeds on about 3 more times. After much pacing trying to figure out what to do with him I make the executive apartment decision that we are going to the ER. The Boy drives. The Boy pulls over. The roomie pukes. We get there. The roomie pukes again. I can hear oinking from the parking lot. We hold our breath for the next 2 hours.

And so it begins.

Family #1: Dante is being seen. Dante's momma is there. His daddy. His brother. His daddy's "girl". Dante is about 9ish. Dante does not read a lick. (just the teacher in me) Dante is throwing paper around like a football with his dad...Why is he here again? I can tell in his voice he has some kind of croupy something. He shares his drink with his little brother about 2 and the little brother climbs up in the chair next to me and proceeds to put his mouth all over my sweathshirt. Note to self: time to bath in Purell.

Family #2: My two dads. One boy. One dad being seen. Wearing mask, but removing for easy access to licorice that is being stuffed in mouth. Why is he here again? They retreat to the car after giving 7 year old a Pop Tart at 11:00pm.

It's always a good sign when there are wall dividers separating the "flu people" from the "non-flu people"...what's even better is when they don't sit in there.

I get a call from the nurse telling me to go ahead and leave without the roommate. We ran.

The roommate is fine. Perhaps he got up to fast, fainted while peeing, and hit his head on something. Shower door not so fine. Towel rack not so fine. He is a very tall drink of water in a very small apartment bathroom. The puking was from a concussion.

I can't wait to get back to that hospital!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another my end...

My third and final sponsor that I am allowed to write about are the Parkers!
Who doesn't love the Parkers? I just love that they are the Parkers together and not Della and Jason anymore...meaning they finally got married!

i know della from middle school and high school.
i know jason because my sister and him are BFF's.
della and i became friends in high school and made up silly things to write on our arms for our games.
jason used to pin me down until mother yelled at him to stop because she might have to take me to the hospital. fun times.

i love them both. della and i rewrite songs together. someday we will sing it for you.
i love della. she is going to be a doctor.
i love jason. he is like my brother and he loves my della very much.
i was in there wedding this summer. talk about a blast!
the end!
I love you both and thank you for your sponsorship!
hopefully a baby parker will be in my future!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My end again...

Hawk-A-Thon Sponsor number 2...

Jeanna is formerly reddish and darling!
Jeanna's husband is Tony. Tony and The Boy are good buddies.
Jeanna's son is Roman who is turning 1 in 1.5 weeks!
She hooked me up with my realtor.
We have A LOT in common.
She lets me help her plan her kiddos birthday party!
She puts The Boys in their place.
And she makes KILLER enchiladas!
She can throw a mean bowling ball too!'s Jeanna's birthday next week too and she will be 21!! Wahoo!

I love my Jeanna...Thank you for your sponsorship!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Google it...

Today was a Monday...and I had a case of the Mondays!

Sick kids all returning from being sick...Swine Flu germs running in and out...assembly to prepare for that first graders were performing at and on top of this...the principal comes in to observe! I should have figured!

We were working on making predictions of the book we were about to read. The book is "Toto something or rather" it's a you can tell.

Anyway on the front cover there is a dog and a smaller cat jumping out of a box. Many of the same answers were being given and sometimes I tune things out...I know I know...but seriously sometimes I could do this job with my eyes closed! Okay for like five minutes...then someone would puke, or kill another one and that is that.
So it's Mr. L's turn and he says...

"Well, I have been thinking about this (a whole minute or two maybe) and I am thinking the dog Googled how to get a cat...ordered one up...and it arrived at his house...yes, that is what the book is about"...

I laughed all day...
and the Mondays were gone!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Holding up my end of the deal...

Ladies and Gentlemen...
A begged and pleaded with a few unlucky friends and family members to sponsor me for my walk-a-thon at school. I wasn't going to participate except one day I got this note in my mailbox saying that if I earned more than $50.00 I would be entered to win a webpage design!!!! HELLO?!?!? If that didn't have my name written all over it...I don't know what did. It is only a drawing, but I am SURE I will win...=) meaning I don't think the others did crap! Anyway...back to my deal.

I MAY have bribed these aforementioned friends and family a bribe being their own post on my blog. I know! I know! Who doesn't want that right? So here is my first one:

Kristin and Brett Hawkins...

Kristin is my cousin via the father side.

Her dad and my dad are brothers.

She is a first grade teacher in Oregon.

Likes long walks on the beach and has no tattoos.

Brett is my cousin Kristin's husband of a little over a year.

He does some construction something or rather.

He is a Capricorn, loves two for one hot dogs at 7- Eleven, and has no allergies.

Brett looks like my roommates twin.

One fond memory I have of Kristin is this sneezing situation she once got into. She literally could not stop sneezing...I will have to ask her how long that actually went on for, but it was at least an hour or two.

I was in their wedding. It was fun.

They have a Labradoodle named Zag, named after Gonzaga's mascot.

Kristin went to Western Oregon and Brett went to Gonzaga.

Kristin and Brett first dated when they were 16, broke up and got back together after college!

Crazy story...but oh so good!

I love you guys a lot and thanks for your sponsorship...

Your cookies are coming! (I know that's the only reason Brett agreed to sponsor!)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Black Handle Squeezy Thingys...

For Sale Sign Pictures, Images and Photos

So...I ventured out with my relator Mr. S and The Boy today for some house hunting.  Now let me preface all this with...1) The Boy is NOT purchasing the house with me...I need another set of ears and eyes to go with and today I learned he comes in handy when it comes to roofs!  Plus he will do a lot of the fixing up so if he can't do it...screw it!  2) Mr. S is the daddy of a good friend of ours so he is taking good care of us...oh and he is FUNNY!  3) This is a stressful thing to do but oh so exciting!

So we had 6 houses to look at today...our first was a lovely FIRST experience.

We knock on the door.  We were not expecting anyone to be there, but in true relator fashion we knock just incase!  Someone answers the door that spoke not so good English...he did understand why we were there and ever so graciously invited us in to look around.  Hmm...they were aware we were coming over...however I don't believe they cared.  The house was a disaster!  Besides the house being really dirty and some small things here and there like a whole in the ceiling...(no biggie right?) it just wasn't me.  On our way out our "friend" was sitting on the davenport (that seems to fit well in this post) with a pair of, what appeared to be leggings, on tucked into some maroon athletic socks.  I don't mean the latest ankle athletic socks...think slouch socks if you will.  He was working on his forearm muscles apparently because he had one of those squeezy things that have a black handle and some metal on them?  You know the kind that you squeeze together?  It's like the Thigh Master but for your hands apparently.  Watching Telemundo!  It was classic!  I wanted to take a picture of him and run out real fast!

The last house we visited today was said to have a small dog that was in the garage.  Apparently little dog grew over night to a full size PITBULL!  It appeared to have busted out of the garage and tore up some toilet paper through the house in the meantime.  Mr. S said a small prayer before walking in to take one for the team.   The dog ended up running away when the door opened but barked his head off and may have had a slight coronary!  Mr. S tried his hardest to get him in the garage but with no luck...we entered anyway.  Besides the Glamour Shots all over the house, the cat statue, the dog statue, and the broach didn't so much appeal to me.

Back to the hunt tomorrow...I believe I have much more blogging material nowadays!

I did however find a house I really like today...there are a few things of concern like it's bank owned...blah!!!!!  But it's definitely a good one that I like!  We will see...stay tuned for more Black Handled Squeezy Thingys!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Miss Linda came for a visit...


This was the look on my children's faces when they heard this today...

"Boys and Girls!  This is Miss Linda..she has come to help us today and she is my mom."

They are too cute...

One boy, Mr. D, says to her "I am certainly glad to know you are Miss MegPie's mother!"
He was probably thinking that I was so freakin weird he was assured I had someone to take care of me!

Of course it made mother laugh...she just called to tell me she was still laughing about it!

The Boy came today too...they had no clue who he "is" though so they didn't even ask.  The minds of first graders are so small!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

That one time...

One day this summer our hike started like this...

and ended .2 miles (that's NOT 2 it's .2) into the hike with this... (I think if you click on the picture you may see it better)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

We send out apologies to all mailmen in our area...

Today was THE DAY!
The day the children of my school have all been waiting patiently yet harassing their mailperson incessantly to get "the postcard".  This said piece of mail is the highlight of one's summer.  They find out who their next teacher will be!  Who will be dispensing genius to me this year?!?!?

Back in the olden days (two years ago) we could post it in the windows of the front door of the school. Children would line up with their parents and wait and wait and wait for the secretary to post it.  (Okay maybe a stretch there, but it was close)

Anyway, with many last minute changes ( I was saved thank the good Lord upstairs) we sent the cards about a week was really a bad move on the district's part as they will be paying for counseling for half the children due to anxiety issues they have developed this last week while waiting.

So apparently the kids got their postcards was an email I got from one mom.  I know her because I have had her daughter in my class and she is super cool...I mean she has her own blog and everything!!!!

The email read:

hmmm, I have one VERY excited redhead here at my house..... I wonder why? Could it be that he yelled at the top of his lungs "I got what I wanted" Sounded like he was playing Go Fish.... but NO- he was grasping a yellow card from SME. He proceeded to take it to his room and place it with his most coveted trinkets. 

Godspeed to you Miss MegPie. I am going to get a new unlisted phone number by the first day.

Who doesn't love to be "what they wanted"???
I can't wait to meet all my new little friends next week.  My blog will be back up with frequent posts as I AM SURE they will be funnier than last year's kiddos!

Friday, August 28, 2009


This week has been another crazy one...crazy, sad, confusing, name it and I had the emotion...ask The Boy...he will tell ya!

Today I got the great news I will still be at my school...thank goodness!

I was called last Friday only to be told I would be getting a transfer just two weeks before the children arrived.  If you are a teacher you know that is NOT even close to enough time to pack, move, unpack and be ready...not to mention teach a different grade.

I was told not to pack this week as we were still in negotiations...lovely.  As the week went on...I got more nervous because time was running out... very quickly!

I had all sorts of thoughts about how my year would end up...would I have new friends?  Would I have to teach 6th grade sex ed?  Or would I have to teach at two different places?

My amazing principal called today...while I was at camp....(more on that later) to tell me I had been given my job back!  I was the only one from my school.  I am so's bittersweet knowing there are more that didn't get theirs.

I appreciate my friends and family for their support.  I had one of the roughest weeks ever...until tonight when I realized it was really nothing...I sat through 48 young children tell why they were at grief camp...some lost one family member...some multiple...some friends, some other relatives.  Nothing is worse that people dying close to you...I remembered that tonight.

I can't wait to write about camp...and the wedding!  Yes all in one weekend!
I need to get to bed!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Party like it's 1999!

July 31st was my 10 year reunion!  It was fun, but some people never change!  Our shindig was at Kell's Irish Pub in downtown Portland.  We had a blast seeing all those familiar faces and their significant others.  3 girls were preggers, many already had kids, again...many have not changed!
I can't wait to see how everyone changes from this one to year 20!
Could someone else plan it?  =)
Here is a pic of The Boy and I at the party...

P.S. I am wearing my fabulous new dress that I love love love and I wish I could wear it everyday it's so fabulous and comfy too!  I will have to cover some things up to wear it to school and get some leggins and perhaps just a whole robe to wear over it...kidding...

Friday, July 31, 2009

Pace of Courage...August 15th, 2009 BE THERE!!!

My friend Shannon has teamed up with Reason To Run in honor of the Martinez family who was fighting two cancers.  Sadly, their three year old son, Alec, lost his fight with brain cancer.  His beloved mother has her own battle with cancer she is fighting too.  You can check out a beautiful story about Alec below...

I will be volunteering at this event and would LOVE to see you walking/running!

The goal is to have 400 runners!  YOU should be one of them!

THIS IS THE CUT!! IT'S THE CUT!!!! aka Orcas Island 7/09

The Boy and I returned from a lovely adventure to Orcas Island, WA yesterday evening. (this is REALLY late! I couldn't get my pics to post!)

It was an adventure let me tell you!!!!! We went with friends, Dan and Kirsten. The plan was to sleep in the tent in Tiffany's backward...should be interesting!

The entire 6 hour car ride back (plus a stop for lunch and Cabela's) I debated on the layout I would make for this post...I do enjoy lists so I decided to go with it! Don't worry...I will elaborate where needed!

-left at noon Friday...arrived at 11:00pm that night
(traffic was horrible from Vancouver to Everett, one quick stop at Burgerville, a rest stop with a HUGE arborvitae and two missed ferry's)
-when we had arrived...we were greeted by approximately 25 wasted "pretty people" that were complete strangers to The Boy and I... (you know, the type that look good in their pj's and make up all over their face?) we chose to set tents up in the dark and head straight to bed...we could hear much chaos outside including what we believe was stripping...

-the view in the morning was to die for...the house was on the water!

-we headed out for some sightseeing

-we went to Happy Hour and racked up a $101.00 bill...who knows how that happened? This is what we ordered...4 beers, 4 glasses of wine, one antipasta plate, one crab quesadilla, one piece of pie and one piece of red that right...$101.00

-we took the boys to the wedding we were NOT invited to

-we hung out at the beach while they were at the wedding they didn't want to go to

-the groom's grandma asked why they weren't serving hot dogs at the wedding...after is hot dog month (crazy granny!)

-the boys got kicked out of the wedding when we showed up to pick them up...the bride made sure NO one she didn't know was invited (i.e. girlfriends of the guests) when she saw us the groom made sure the boys split...

-we went to Mt. Constitution

-we went to bed early...we heard the "night" show of more wasted people...and more wasted people...they sang, danced, and stripped again...the title of the blog came from this part...we heard screams of "This is the cut!!! This is the cut!!!" When a song they enjoyed came on...oh wait that was EVERY song! HYSTERICAL!!!

-we woke up VERY early to get to the Ferry so we could make it on by 9:00am

-we arrived in Portland by 5:00pm

Quick Trip but some VERY good times and adventures!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Nannie...

These last few weeks have been such a whirlwind.  I haven't had the time or the energy to post about what these last weeks have consisted of.  It's life...and it's something that I will never forget.

Back in April, my nannie was in the ICU diagnosed with sepsis from a bladder infection.  She came out with flying colors after about a month of hospital and rehab.  She was a little slower as far as moving and she was using a walker when going to far places like her favorites...Fred Meyer or Target.  She was gaining strength everyday.  Monday, June 29th she was diagnosed with Cancer.  It was far into it's was one of the worst days of my life when I found out.  The doctor let us know it was in her uterus, liver, and lungs.  On July 3rd she was taken to the emergency room with massive pain in her abdomen and her stomach was extending rapidly.  She was admitted and never left.  We spent many of hours by her bedside as she got weaker and weaker by the day.

By Tuesday morning we had signed her up for hospice in hopes she would be able to go to some kind of foster care.  Wednesday she was incoherent and very uncomfortable.  As much as I have been through, this was the absolute worst day of my life.  I can't even bare to think about it. That day we decided to put her on a morphine drip just to keep her comfortable and to stop all other forms of medicine.  Many many people came to the hospital to show support.  My mom and I were there for about 48 hours straight with  quick breaks to run home for showers. Although that time was rough, I would not exchange it for the world.  We sat by her by with every breath... knowing each one could be the last.  She held on and fought with all her might...until Friday the 10th when we all happened to walk into the hallway to say goodbye to part of the family.  I walked back in quickly to get something and grabbed her hand.  She took her last breath then.  She was gone.

My nannie and I had a great relationship that I will cherish forever.  She was like a second mother to me.  I spent many evenings with her as a child and she moved in with us for a couple weeks when both my dad and my sister passed.  She was NEVER sick...even a cold was rare.  I never thought she would die.  It broke my heart into a million pieces.

I thank each and everyone of you for all the things you did.  My wonderful mother was a champ through this all.  My amazing boyfriend stuck by me, left work early a few days, missed work a few days, brought me food, took me out for a walk when I needed it, fed my mom's dog and anything and everything he could.  My wonderful friend Angela coordinated all the food for the reception following the service and her wonderful crew...Patricia, Theresa, Kaitlyn, Jessica, Mrs. McArthur, Mrs. Roth, Mrs. Bright, and whoever else she grabbed off the street to bake or cook something.

I am still in a state of shock.  It is very surreal to me that one more person in my life has passed on.  When she realized she was dying, my mom and her had a conversation about it...she told my mom she was excited to get to Heaven because she couldn't wait to hug and kiss my sister.  It brings tears to my eyes now to even think about how cool that was for them.  Sad to die and leave us here, but oh so excited to see my sister, my grandfather, and many others.

When a person is dying at Providence Hospital, they offer any kind of support you need.  We accepted a "Passage Quilt" for her to be covered up with.  It is green with flowers.  She LOVED green.  I got to keep the quilt and I sleep with it every night.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us get through has been rough and I can imagine will continue to be for awhile.  Please know I cherish you all and I am there for you when you need me...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beacon Rock Trail, 7.12.09

The Boy and I desperately needed to get "out" after spending the week in the hospital with my Nannie.  (more on her later)  We needed something quick but get some "energy" out.
Beacon Rock did just that for us.  It took about 20 minutes to get up, but up up and up was the keywords.

Indian Head to Pup Falls June 21, 2009 (I know it's a little late!)

This was a beautiful hike and we enjoyed having Candace and her lab Lucy join us!  It rained a bit but it was perfectly okay!  We ended up going 9 miles or so.  Some pretty cool sights and a lot of damage.  We came home with wet feet, scrapes and bruises but all worth it!