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Thursday, September 3, 2009

We send out apologies to all mailmen in our area...

Today was THE DAY!
The day the children of my school have all been waiting patiently yet harassing their mailperson incessantly to get "the postcard".  This said piece of mail is the highlight of one's summer.  They find out who their next teacher will be!  Who will be dispensing genius to me this year?!?!?

Back in the olden days (two years ago) we could post it in the windows of the front door of the school. Children would line up with their parents and wait and wait and wait for the secretary to post it.  (Okay maybe a stretch there, but it was close)

Anyway, with many last minute changes ( I was saved thank the good Lord upstairs) we sent the cards about a week was really a bad move on the district's part as they will be paying for counseling for half the children due to anxiety issues they have developed this last week while waiting.

So apparently the kids got their postcards was an email I got from one mom.  I know her because I have had her daughter in my class and she is super cool...I mean she has her own blog and everything!!!!

The email read:

hmmm, I have one VERY excited redhead here at my house..... I wonder why? Could it be that he yelled at the top of his lungs "I got what I wanted" Sounded like he was playing Go Fish.... but NO- he was grasping a yellow card from SME. He proceeded to take it to his room and place it with his most coveted trinkets. 

Godspeed to you Miss MegPie. I am going to get a new unlisted phone number by the first day.

Who doesn't love to be "what they wanted"???
I can't wait to meet all my new little friends next week.  My blog will be back up with frequent posts as I AM SURE they will be funnier than last year's kiddos!

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