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I wrote this blog to keep notes on my daily life...some is about teaching, some about just plain normal life...who am I kidding? My life is anything but plain and normal! I hope you enjoy! I love to know who is reading so leave me a comment!!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Choice 2...Golden Corndog

Every morning the children make a lunch choice. They have 2 to choose from. I can't believe they have two now! Pretty soon they will be able to order off a menu! This isn't Mongolian Grill people! When I was a child we had one. One stinkin choice and I think they rotated those out about every other day. Most of the time it was Wiener Wraps or Chickenwiches. Chickenwiches were awesome until I found grissle in mine...then I was done with those! Wiener Wraps were the BOMB! Yes I said bomb because they WERE that good! I don't think they can serve those now. I mean I don't think the word "weiner" on the school lunch menu flies anymore...I'm just sayin!

Back to my story...
So every morning I have to read them the choices. Most have reviewed this with their parents prior to the day which I can appreciate more than you know! They move their clothespin with their name to the side of the tray and viola! They are done.
Sometimes there are discussions as to what the choices are. We decide according to what our friends are having...or what we may have had the day before. In the mornings I stand near the door which is closely located near the "lunch choice tray" to greet the children.
This morning the conversation went something like this...

Some kid: "Twinie, can you read me the choices?"

Twinie: "Sure, you can have a turkey sandwich with cheese on some bunz. That is choice 1 and choice 2 is a golden corndog."

Some kid: "What is a golden corndog?" (For those of your wondering, that is the exact words of the corndog choice...Golden Corndog. It should say burnt corndog...but who am I?)

Twinie: "It's golden on the outside and corny on the inside!"

Some kid: "Oh! That's what I am getting!"


Golden Corndogs make me happy!

P.S. I have a feeling Twinie will make or break most of my posts this year!
Stay tuned for his "Star Student of the Week" is a gem!

Monday, September 29, 2008

I am doing my baby dance...

This post should have been from yesterday...I can't believe I forgot about this! It was all that sadness taking over my brain!

Guess what?!?!?! There is a new baby on the way!!! It is a Conway baby!!! Well, in actuallity it is a Gay baby. No joke! I can't wait! NOT MINE PEOPLE!!!! My cousin Mrs. Gay is preggers!!!! Her and her husband have had a LONG awaited journey and it finally happened! I am super happy for them and even more happy because I can pretend it is my "niece or nephew".... YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!
It's gonna LOVE me! Maybe...THEY will love me... =) We will see!!!!

Gay babies make me happy!

Names I have come up with already include:

Love ya Mrs. and Mr. Gay!

Vending Machine, Snack Shack, video games, and a bible...

Every morning starts with morning work. Once all are settled and lunch choices are made, then they stand for the Pledge of Alligance and our class pledge. Both are super cute, because for the most part they know them all but sometimes we "forget". =)

After all the pledges and promises have been made to save the poor, feed the hungry, and save the dying babies...we move to morning meeting. I was hesitant to start this routine. My Twin, aka one of my teammates, encouraged me to try it. It is great. It gets a lot of those "great" stories out of the way! The children may share one time about something they did on the weekend or last night. Today was obviously weekend stories. Some say amazing profound incredible things. Some tell me they watched tv all weekend (Twinie!).

It was Mr. Clean's went something like this...

"Well, yesterday I went to church, soccer, and football. My church is super cool...I think I will go back tonight. Listen to what they have there...they have a snack shack, vending machine, video games and a bible. Your turn (points to the kid on the right)".

Wow...must be some church if they have a BIBLE!!!!!

Churches that have bibles make me happy.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dirt Babies...

Things are not always happy. I am not happy at the moment, but I don't want to bring my readers (1) down.

Today I went to see my girls. We went to good! I had deep fried ice cream shake thingy...the girls like to go there and sit in the mini-van. They get out of their carseats and sit in the very back. They put the headphones on and pretend they are watching a movie. It is cute, sweet and innocent. Why can' I have that kind of fun?

I like watching the young high school boys on their roller skates. Rose and I decided they have to fall at least once while working there with an arm load of food. We also decided that the back of their shirts should say, "Even the best skaters fall." We think we are funny. We crack each other up so I guess that is all that matters.

We went back to their house and "played in the dirt". Literally. They are doing some new landscaping, etc. so there are big dirt hills in their backyard. A and S played for 3 hours in the dirt. They were as happy as can be. They loved every minute of it. Rose and I sat in the sun for 3 hours. That makes us happy. We loved every minute of it.


Watching kids play in the dirt makes me happy.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

You are my nightlight...

I found this card today in Target. They just "remodeled" my Target and it is super cool. Unlucky for me, I couldn't find anything. I feel lost. It is only a matter of time before I know the aisles better than the workers. Okay okay! I spend a lot of time there! I won't even tell you about the time someone thought I was a worker there! I have stopped wearing red since then.

There is a section of cards that have quotes by small children on them. Whether they are real quotes or not...I heart them and I tend to purchase quite a few. Did I mention I am a card whore? I am. I love giving and sending cards. Who doesn't love a good card right? Especially from me.

I found one that says..."you are my nightlight". It was perfect because I was looking for a card for my dear dear friend...Teacha! Teacha gets me through the days...she makes me laugh, she makes me cry, sometimes she even makes me workout! She is like my life support...seriously. Anyway I needed her today and she was there, via text message which is almost the best. You don't have to face anyone. I love my teacha. The card fits her perfect. The funny thing is, I bought it for her for another reason. I bought it to thank her for the kind donation she made to Camp Erin in my name for my birthday. She was struggling with "the perfect gift" for me. She came up with this on her own and I am forever grateful.

Now I need to go find another card for her kind heart and words of today...


Teacha's words from her heart make me happy!

Lola's getting old!

Lola turned 26 this week! Happy Birthday Lola!
Lola and MegPie are in the picture to the far right.
Below is a picture of me with my cousin, Miss Hawk. I call her that for various being she swoops in and eats peoples food. Not really but that seemed good at the time. Do we look alike? I mean except for the fact I am like double the size of her in ALL areas...our dads are brothers.
The next one is Lola with Matthew and Ron. Good times at Deschutes Brewery. That is a stellar place.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The story of who I am...and who I have come to be... Part Deux

Wednesday was full of phone calls of anyone we could get a hold of. Everyone and anyone was welcome to come to the hospital and Atlanta for that matter. Friends and family flew in from every which way. I only remember my phone call to Jessica. She was sick to her stomach and had left work the minute she heard. I heard relief in her voice after I told her who I was. I went to my sister's room a lot that day. I sang to her, talked to her, and joked with her. Jason went back every time with me.

That afternoon some more family and friends arrived from other places. I went to the airport with the "airport team". My aunt sue, uncle mike, steph's friends, lisa, jason, and mike as well as my aunt carol came for support and to say goodbye.

The hospital staff set us up in a private waiting area. The only problem was that we needed MUCH more space than a 10 person waiting room. We had about 50 people there. If they weren't already there, they were calling on the waiting room phone to get directions to the hospital or updates.

Many people arrived that day. We kept packing them in. I remember collapsing on the floor frequently after visiting in the room. That didn't stop me from going back in repeatedly through the day. Wednesday night I finally slept. My body had had enough. I had developed a sinus infection on top of everything else.
4 of us piled in a hotel room attached to the hospital. We all slept really well that night. We got up and went back downstairs. Mother had put a post out for me so the first person to see me was to send me back to Steph's room. She was ready...she asked me when I was ready, we need to take her off life support. I made her promise she would wait until everyone that wanted to come got there. That morning there were tornado warnings in the Atlanta area so that held things up a bit. We met with the transplant team as we knew Steph was an organ donor. They needed to prep before doing anything. By noon, half the University of Georgia staff, our family, and some of Steph's nearest friends were crammed in the ICU. We waited, prayed, sang (yeah that was interesting!) and prayed some more while the doctors unhooked everything. Then we PILED everyone who wanted to be in there into her TINY room. She took 3 breaths...I told her to let go and to tell daddy hi. She was gone...

Happy Birthday Dear Sister...

Yesterday was Steph's birthday. For those of you that don't know...she is my sister. Find out about her here. ( I suggest reading that before going on, otherwise you may be completely confused!)

We celebrated the night before as mother and I attended the camp reuniting as previously posted. We always like to go out to dinner. Sometimes we make this:

The first year it was her birthday after she left this earth we wanted to go to Outback Steakhouse. Her friends were in town. We wanted to take "her" with us, have a chair for "her", and even order for "her". We had down what we would would go something like this...

"Um yeah! (pointing at "her") She will have a salad. She is on a diet so please make it fat free dressing!"

We laughed and came up with more jokes...people think we are morbid...I think we are funny. =)
Steph would think we were HILARIOUS! And that my friends is all that matters!

I unexpectedly love the times when it is Steph's birthday or the anniversary of her death. They bring everyone close and mother and I tend to hear from a lot of people around that time. Great stories are told to us or written to us about her and we embrace it. It seems as though she was just here. That was 8 short years ago. I can't imagine how wonderful my life would be if she were still here. I would give anything to have her back. There is always a silver lining though. I have made some amazing friends. I am able to do things like Camp Erin, and volunteer at Me, Too. & Company. I love you sister! I can't wait to see you again!


Hearing stories from Steph's friends about how she touched their lives makes me incredibly happy!

Reunited and it feels so good...

I forgot to blog yesterday...maybe cause I wasn't so happy yesterday? Who knows?

I did get to see my camp peeps though...HOLLA!!! Man o' about people that are a "big deal" camp peeps ARE a big deal. I love to brag about them!
You can read more about camp here.

Bad news though...I can't do camp next year!!!!!! My goal was every year for the rest of my life. Apparently I won't be obtaining that goal! Worst day of my life!!! Almost literally. I think most of you know how important this thing is to me. It is my sanctuary of fun, grief, healing, and eating...did I say that outloud? We eat A LOT okay people! So why can't you do camp? Is the question you are probably asking about now...
Two of my nearest and dearest are getting married! Photobucket

I know I know surprise surprise...actually when I told the head honchos I couldn't do it, they sarcastically responded..."why do you have a wedding?" Why yes I do! Remember my Brother and Dr. are getting hitched! Wedding 8 people and I can't wait! That will be my new t-shirt. "#8 and I can't wait!" My goal is if you are out there thinking about asking me to be in your wedding...YOU could be part of my goal! Think about it.

Reuniting with my camp peeps makes me happy!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dear Snot...

Dear Snot,
This is a letter in regards to your recent visit. Your time is up! You have OVERSTAYED! it is time for you to go now!

Good BYE!

Lots of love,
Meg Pie

yes, I am still I broke down and went to the doctor. I have a sinus infection. It is not fun and she needs me to stay home. that is FUN! Except writing sub plans.

I tend to not be as funny when I am sick..who am I kidding??? When am I funny?


Finishing sub plans and lying in bed knowing I don't have to wake up at any certain time tomorrow makes me happy!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Staring...good times...

Another funny from .5 of my favorite girls in the whole world!


Another funny Sam story for you.
Last night at Applebee's there was this cutest little girl with her mom. She just started Kindergarten. Sammy just kept staring at her. I told Sammy to stop staring so she can eat. The girl said, it's okay she can stare at me. Sammy yelled, "Mom she said I can keep staring at her!" she did.


Today was a Tuesday, I was not feeling well so I went in Teacha's room and layed down on the floor with a quilt and pillow and may or may not have left a tad of drool on it. Oh well!
Lucky thing for us...NO KIDS TOMORROW! Our district thinks they are super tricky and plans inservices in the middle of the week. Why you ask? If they planned them on Fridays none of us responsible teachers that want to better our education would go. We would just go out and party like rock stars then skip town! So they are in the middle of the week. I am glad our district trusts us so much...what a great feeling! We have writing training in the morning and classroom time in the afternoon.

Classroom time in the afternoon makes me happy. =)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Somebodies got a case of the Mondays...


When I started this 365 things that make me happy thing...I wasn't thinking food. I mean I could go on for years about food...really. There are some things I just LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Today was a day when food made me happy. I wasn't feeling to hot anyway.
Cheese fondue from Gustav's makes me happy!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jamba Friends...


I needed to go tutor my little friend today out in Beaverton. I also needed a little pick me up. I thought Jamba Juice would do the trick. I am not sure if it did, but it raised my self esteem!

I was blowing drying my hair this morning in a half assed sort of way. You see, I have a cut that "must be done" no fakin it folks. So I am doing my best to half-ass it...forget it! I leave.
Did I mention I also need a color in a "brittany needs a cigarette and smoothie" kind of way??!?!? Well, I do. So I am sure you have an awesome picture in your head about what this girls hair looks like. Anywho...the sweet high school drop out behind the counter says "your hair looks sooo good!" For a second I kind of thought she was joking because she kept looking to the girl next to her. I think she sensed my hesitation when I said, "thanks!".
"No it really looks you just walked out of the salon!"

Hmm...Jamba Juice girls that give nice compliments make me happy.

Saturday, September 20, 2008



I thought I would be stronger this year. I thought I would be a champ. I thought I was cured. WRONGO!!!! I am sick sick sick! What the crap? Doesn't a tonsilectomy cure everything? Guess not! I awoke this morning at 2:00am, 4:00am, and 6:00am. I was gross feeling and looking. I had to cancel my fun day. Teacha and I were going to the Duck game...we were posing as college students. We even had matching outfits! Worst day of my life!
So I lied on the couch ALL DAY! It is nice to catch up on sleep. I have the whole weekend "off" now. AND MY DUCKS LOST!!!

Being able to sleep all day makes me happy...because at this point, I don't know what else does.

Friday, September 19, 2008

27 dresses...


Friends asking me to be in their weddings makes me happy.

My friends are getting married next summer. I shall call them, Brother and Doctor. He is the closest thing I have to a brother and she is going to be a doctor. I am working on getting her to deliver my kids...she isn't real keen on the idea.
I will work on her. So yeah...getting married! August 29th to be exact. Kind of a crazy story. I went to school with the gal since the side pony/ permed bang days(don't act like you don't remember!)...aka middle school, but we were never friends there. High school came and we became very close. We were the type of friends that were close but we definitely hung with different crowds. Our love for each other grew in a RI-DONK-ULOUS math class we got stuck in together. The rest you could say is history. We aren't BEST friends, but we are GREAT AMAZING friends. I would go to her with ANYTHING and I hope she feels like she could do the same. I was AMAZED when she filled me in on who she was going to go on a date with just two short years ago. It is who I consider a brother. I adopted him as a brother in about '99ish and vice versa. He was my sister's nearest and dearest guy friend...I think. The thing is...the longer she has been gone (read how that happened here)the more friends I realize were "her best friends". I truly believe they were all her "best" friends. They were/are my bests too. They helped me through a time when I didn't know if I could go on or how that would happen in the meantime they went through just as much. Anyway I am getting sidetracked...Brother and Doctor are GETTING MARRIED!!! Who knew??!?!?!

Tonight I met her for dinner and she asked me to be in the wedding. She said it was hard because she didn't think I would want to be due to the fact that being in weddings is basically my summer job! BUT she said her and him couldn't imagine me NOT being in their wedding! I heart them! Congratulations Brother and Doctor! Did I mention this is wedding numero 8 for me!!! I am four away from my GOAL!!! Come on people...LET'S GET MARRIED!!!!

Hi! My name is Jennifer...


Rose is one of my best friends. Her name really isn't Rose, but there is a funny story behind that. She has a set of twins that I LOVE!!!! They are my "nieces" I am their Auntie Meggie.

Funny Sam stories make me happy. Rose emailed me two of her stories this week...

This is a picture after their cousin dressed them up!
Embrace the feather boa people!

Funny of day - On the way to Valdie's I was singing "This is the day" and Sam is singing with me. At the end she says "Oh man, I wish I would have had my flute". I was so delighted that my daughter understands at 3 1/2 how much better a song is accompanied by a wind instrument.



"We're at the library and I'm sitting reading Abby a story. Sam is at the dollhouse playing with this boy. The boys mom asked Sam her name and she says Jennifer. Without even hesitating!She asked the mom what the boys name was. (I don't remember), but the moms says "nice to meet you Jennifer". I was dying and Sam just kept on playing like nothing. I asked her later why she said her name was Jennifer and she said "Just because".


I love this child...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dog and Pony show is OVER!!!!

I know I know! It's getting annoying! Me talking about the dog and pony show! Actually just those words are starting to get on my last nerve, but guess what??? It's over!!! Yeah!!!!

D & P show is actually fun and a good time to connect with old parents and students so I enjoy it. It flies by and people want to talk too much business! NOT APPROPRIATE TO BE MAKING SO MUCH BUSINESS TALK IN FRONT OF ALL THE PARENTS PEOPLE! IT'S CALLED SAVING YOUR CHILD'S EGO!!! Crikeys!

Oh my I keep getting this error on here...perhaps I will lose all this. I need to go watch 90210 anyway. I will try and blog more later.


It makes me happy to see my very first class getting to be all grown up.

Meg Pie

It was a day...


Gosh today was a day. Meeting new friends makes me happy. Old friends make me happy too!
I met a new friend for a beer and an old friend for a beer. Life is good.

Thank goodness I had SOMETHING to be happy about. I can't go into thick detail, but I am down about certain parts of school.

No sardine stories today...nothing even too interesting to tell you the truth. I have been getting good response to you lurkers out there. YOU ARE READING ME!! I LOVE YOU FOR THAT!!!

Love Always,

Meg Pie

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea??? was a day.

Twinie strikes again! Twinie was having a rough morning. He did NOTHING for two hours straight. I believe he tried to fit his head inside his desk...I wish I had a picture to show you of you because you would notice right away that Twinie's head WILL NOT fit in the desks. Some heads will...not his! I had him out of his funk by PE time. From PE we got directly to lunch then I pick them up from recess. I noticed that when I went to pick up, many of the boy type were missing. The peanut gallery informed me that some kids were "in trouble". YIKES!
The counselor would be in soon to give her lesson so I would check on them if they hadn't returned yet. Twinie happened to be one I was missing. With the way the morning panned out, I wasn't surprised he was one of the "in trouble" ones. BTW, the kids in first grade have a favorite past time of tattling. Twinie meets us at the door. He hands me a note. The note reads:

Twinie got physical, hit her in the neck, with a girl that smelled like sardines. I have called home and he missed recess. ~Stewie

What??? You have got to be kidding me!!! I had to dismiss myself from the classroom because I was laughing so hard! Stewie made my day! I can imagine Stewie at his desk writing this with a smirk on his face. Needless to say...I made Stewie reenact the discussion he had with Twinie today at our Pride Team meeting. It was funny. I can't even tell the story without laughing. I love my job and Twinie loves Spongbob!

Another funny...

I have this student...I shall call him...Student B. He doesn't really do anything in class. He just sits there and tells the little cute girls horrid stories. Today was something about the new mama elephant at the zoo eating her baby. Of course it did not happen (I don't think) but Student B is full of crapolla! I had repeatedly told Student B to do his work and leave the girls alone. The two girls are DARLING! I don't have names for them just yet. I will call them C & A. Pretty soon A comes running up to me saying Student B is under the table tickling their legs. (How would that fly in a staff meeting I wonder? hmm...) Mean Maggie (me, when I am mean) gets her BIG voice on...

"Student B! Get back in your seat and do your work!"
Don't get me wrong I wasn't yelling! Just a BIG voice.

"Stop tickling the girls!"

C: "I kind of liked it!"

Of course she did. Of course she did.

A: eye roll.

It was a day...


Funny kids make me happy.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Completed work...


Completed work on the wall ready for Open House...aka The Dog and Pony Show makes me happy.

24 hour craziness!

I just got home from the gym. I was in a funk and knew I needed to go. I can't tell you the last time I went. Could I get myself off the couch? I DID! I decided that I really wanted to read my new Michael Phelps book so it was a perfect match. The bike and the book! I pedaled for 20 miles...Alpine Slopes no less! (I wonder who is lucky enough to get the job of making up the names for the different settings on a stationary bike???)

Photobucket I think that is my mom's sweet treadmill in the background.

As I sit there with my trusty hot pink i-pod on listening to my Josh Radin and reading my Michael...I am becoming aware of my surroundings. Many "cool dudes" lifting weights. Sometimes I am not even sure if they know what they are doing. Then I see bald dude that wanted my number at Lola's party a few years ago. Thank goodness he doesn't talk to me anymore..creepy! I "accidentally" gave him the wrong number...I hate it when that happens.

Then I see Mr. Hairy. That's right folks..there is always one. Mr. Hairy has hair EVERYWHERE! Get your minds out of the gutter! I don't know okay! But yes Mr. Hairy has lots of hair. Why is it that Mr. Hairy always has tight short 80's gym clothes on too? So yes, Mr. Hairy was dressed in WHITE SHORT TIGHT 80's gym clothes on today. Guess what he chooses? The bike next to mine. YES!!! All is well and I am back to my Michael and Josh. Wait wait wait...what is he doing now? Oh jeez! He is pouring his water into his hands and splashing himself with it. Let me inform those of you that don't know...the bikes are VERY close. I am praying to the GYM GODS that I don't get splashed with his "water". I was on the bike for approximately 1 hour. He splashed approximately 100 times. I don't exaggerate!
I can't stop thinking about it. Gross.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Beneath the Surface...


Reading my new Michael Phelps book, Beneath the Surface, makes me happy. Especially when read by the pool.

Loving him!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I met a real Tony...FINALLY!


Seeing my friends D & M tonight was wonderful but what made me happiest was lovin on their 4 month old Tony! He is a doll and is beautiful! I still don't understand why they couldn't have added a little Auntie Meggie in there! I mean isn't Anthony Renee perfect? (my middle name is Renee and I figure that is the closest I will to him being named after me.) They totally wouldn't go for it. I am thinking I will have many more chances to get in the name somewhere. Afterall, they are Mormon =) I like stereotypes too!


Lovin on darlin babies makes me happy!

Friday, September 12, 2008

I wish my name was TONY!

Oh lawdy! Today was a continuation of asking the children why they loved their name. I know I's taking me awhile, but these kids are nutso!

Today was G-man's turn. The conversation went something like this...

"G-man, why do you like your name?"


Alrighty then! Mom will love that one open house night! =)


Going to the Ram on Fridays after school with other teachers makes me happy!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A renewed energy...


Today was our first PBS team meeting. The meaning isn't really important. I joined the committee last year and was felling super stressed by the end of last year, almost resigning. I didn't and today was our first meeting since the new school year. Stewie to the rescue again!
Just his presence and support made me feel excited and hopeful for this project! I heart Stewie!

Meeting with colleagues I haven't talked to much this year also makes me happy.

Bumble Bee Pet Rock...

In class we were discussing names. I had read the book Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes. A favorite in the 1st grade. All the kids in Chrysanthemum's class make fun of her because of her name and in the end (insert music here) all the kids really like her name, blah blah blah.
My kids were making beautiful painted paper flowers, similar to Eric Carle's painted paper pictures. They were to come up to my desk one at a time and tell me why their names were special and I would type them into the computer for them and print them on their artwork.
It was Twinie's turn. Twinie has looped with me. For those of you who don't know what looping is, it is when a student and teacher stay together for more than one year and move to the next grade. 16 of my kids are loopers. Well, Twinie has a twin brother. They are not identical, but you would think they were. Twinie and Twinster started the year in my class last year and during the first three weeks threw chairs at me, screamed at me, and threw shoes at me. Oh wait wait wait! They also stripped their clothes off. Lovely is the choice word I use for that! Did I mention G-man was also in that same class. You remember him, he is bi-polar and has emotional disorder? =) Fun times.

Twinie has changed, 100%. He has a very GOOD sense of humor that I appreciate. He came up to my desk when it was his turn. I ask why his name is special. With an extremely straight face he says that he was named after a bee. Hmm, I was baffled. In this day and age, it didn't surprise me. Then he added that it was a rock painted like a bee. Coincidentally, I have a rock painted like a bee on my desk from a darling little ankle biter. Nice Twinie...nice.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Do you want to be my facebook friend?


Today I am happy that I reconnected with a good friend on Facebook.

Another one...

I have started a new adventure...stay tuned.

I am happy grieving children have a place to go like "Me, Too. & Company."

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Supper...and Stewie...not together!


I am happy that I have three wonderful friends to share a meal with...not just a meal but 3 hours of wonderful conversation.

I am being an overachiever today...

I am happy that I have a principal that supports me in everything and takes care of US!
I heart Stewie...but you already knew that!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mr. Clean


Mr. Clean makes me happy. This is a child in my class, not the custodian. Today he was washing out paint cups without being told. I NEVER have to tell him to clean anything...he just does it. I want to adopt him. I heart Mr. Clean.

Ideas...gone...perhaps they will come back?

So I get all these ideas about things I need to blog about...and the second I get home and sit down...POOF they are gone!!!

Things that happened today:

1-potty accident (first one this year and its already day 5!)

Ms. Mullet in the cafeteria chewed on me a little because my lunch count was off...who cares if there are a few more hotdogs in your stash lady! You could use a little meat on those bones...or whatever those thingys are made of!

While sitting at lunch I was reminded of a wonderful Kindergarten story. This one goes ALL the way back to 2006! WAY BACK! It was a nice Friday morning, show and tell day. A "lovely" ankle biter of mine was "showing and telling". Guess what he brought???!?!?!?


Telling: "This is the stuff I have to eat so my "poo poo" comes out"

Bless his little heart! Mom thought it would be funny...he is one of "those" kids. Which means he has no clue what is going on in the real world. Neither does mom...for that matter! He will need major counseling soon! Hopefully no show and tell has been showed or told at his new school.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

365 things to be happy about...

So I decided today that I would blog everyday for the next year to see if I can post at least one thing a day that I am happy about...


Lazy sunny Sundays make me happy!

The Place that Changes Lives...also known as Camp Erin

2008 marks the fourth year of Camp Erin in Portland, OR.

To find out how Camp Erin was started, click here

Many people don't believe in coincidences. I am one of them. It was by fate that I got started with this.

I worked at Providence while getting my Master's degree. My friend was out on maternity leave having her darling girls and I was checking her emails with her permission of course! I ran across an email and the subject read: Camp Erin. Hmm...I love me a good camp! So I opened it! Little did I know then, that was the beginning of a journey that would take me places I never imagined. The email stated there was a meeting for a camp that was being started for grieving children. Hmm...I like children and I may know about grieving...I'm just sayin!

SIDENOTE: I don't LIKE to do things alone that are scary...but I often do them anyway! The motto "feel the fear and do it anyway." So

I went to the meeting. As I was signing in I was approached by a lady I sat next to at Orientation for Providence. She was in charge of the entire Camp. Hmm...another twist of fate.

I sat down, kind of scared. It seemed as though most people knew each other. They probably didn't but it seemed that way.

Next, Jamie came to sit next to me. She introduced herself and told me I looked familar and wanted to know if I had connections to the Dougy Center. HELLO!!! I starred in a few of the videos made for that place! People should be asking for autographs! She recognized me from one of those videos...NICE!

As the meeting went on, I got more and more excited to be a part of this organization. This was an amazing place and I NEEDED to be a part of. Within 5 minutes, I decided that MiMi (my mom) needed to be there too.

The rest is history. I just finished my fourth year at Camp Erin as a Lead Big Buddy. Don't forget that LEAD means, Candy and Laura get to ask me EVERYTHING and leave the HARD decisions to me as well as I get to carry the walkie talkie...FABULOUS!

Some things about Camp Erin that I heart...

-All campers get a handmade quilt and bear on their bunks when they arrive to take home at the end of the weekend.

-All campers make a quilt square in memory of their loved one that has passed. The quilt is put together by our very own Camp Erin Quilter and ready for the kids to see Sunday morning. Bless Karen's heart for staying up ALL NIGHT to get it done.

-A luminary ceremony takes place Saturday night in memory of their loved ones. Each child makes a paperbag luminary decorated in rememberance and then set on a raft in the pond. It is was of the most amazing things you will ever see.

-Candy and I are the "feature" entertainers...or at least we like to think we are. We do a "dueling toothbrushes" skit that the kids talk about for hours! Probably days!

-Campers are spoiled rotten by us!

-There is a waterslide to die for! (no pun intended...I HAD TO!)

We usually accept 48 campers. Statistics show that 1 in every 20 kids will experience the death of a loved one before high school graduation. There is a HUGE need for kids to experience this camp. There is ALWAYS a waiting list to get in. The goal of Jamie Moyer is to have one of these camps in AT LEAST every major league baseball city in the US. GO MOYERS!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Little short dude...Little Nicky

So this being my second day in 1st grade, I am still on "stress mode". I got what I needed today...a little "advice". Although the advice wasn't for me. I just overheard it.

Today, Little Nicky and I were sitting at his desk working on the math sheet.

SIDENOTE: BTW, I was sure Little Nicky ) was going to be the smartest in the class. He was coming from the Very Prestigious school down the road and my previous experiences with those nuggets show me they are the smartest kids in town! I was nervous because Lovely MOMS seem to push push push if their kid needs to be "challenged" but most of the time they can't sit on the carpet long enough to listen so we work on that before we "challenge" our prestigious children. Little Nicky did a writing sample for me yesterday...the kid can't write to save his life!!! BEST DAY EVER!!!! Know it all Little Nicky is an L. No need for me to tell you what an L will find out soon enough.

Back to the story: Little Nicky and I are doing math and G-man stands up across from us...marches over to the stoplight and says very loud, "I am moving the clothespin to red, because I am DUMB and STUPID and those people go to red!"
"DUDE!", I say. "Slow down, come talk to me."
Turns out he was upset at his dad because his dad had yelled at him. I have no thoughts in my head that dad happened to mention some of the above words...LOSER DAD!
Little Nicky leans over to G-man and says, "I know THE solution to your problem! Just pray for your dad! It will make it all better!"


G-man doesn't really know what to think...and walks away.

Good Coffee...

Since the beginning of my teaching career (two whole years ago!) I have come down with approximately 8 cases of strep...YES I said 8!!!! Tonsils were ugly! This summer we pulled those bad boys out! I mean...I didn't do it myself or anything! My hottie tonsil doctor did it. It was dreadful, but lovely all at the same time!

Anyway, I have had my share of substitutes in the past. One in particular is a parent from my first year teaching and become a friend of mine. The day after she subbed one time last year she emailed me this note. I have copy and pasted below word for word. She has the kid's name wrong so I didn't change it.

Hi M. - I forgot to tell you something funny that happened yesterday. The (PM) kids were all really excited about painting their pumpkins, doing their best, etc - I'd been keeping an eye on Brandon(?? not sure of his name, he is tall, has very short blond hair, sits at the 1/2 table by the wall furthest from the door) anyway - I'd just talked to him about wrestling with a couple other kids, and wanted to make sure he was on task, but he was doing a great job, painting bright greens and blues, concentrating. I looked back at him a minute later and he was sipping his paint water with an expression like he was savoring a good cup of coffee, with a green paint moustache from drinking it. Ack!!

I hope you are feeling better!


Oh the joys of teaching! This ladies and gentlemen is what keeps me funny!