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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dog and Pony show is OVER!!!!

I know I know! It's getting annoying! Me talking about the dog and pony show! Actually just those words are starting to get on my last nerve, but guess what??? It's over!!! Yeah!!!!

D & P show is actually fun and a good time to connect with old parents and students so I enjoy it. It flies by and people want to talk too much business! NOT APPROPRIATE TO BE MAKING SO MUCH BUSINESS TALK IN FRONT OF ALL THE PARENTS PEOPLE! IT'S CALLED SAVING YOUR CHILD'S EGO!!! Crikeys!

Oh my I keep getting this error on here...perhaps I will lose all this. I need to go watch 90210 anyway. I will try and blog more later.


It makes me happy to see my very first class getting to be all grown up.

Meg Pie

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