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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Little short dude...Little Nicky

So this being my second day in 1st grade, I am still on "stress mode". I got what I needed today...a little "advice". Although the advice wasn't for me. I just overheard it.

Today, Little Nicky and I were sitting at his desk working on the math sheet.

SIDENOTE: BTW, I was sure Little Nicky ) was going to be the smartest in the class. He was coming from the Very Prestigious school down the road and my previous experiences with those nuggets show me they are the smartest kids in town! I was nervous because Lovely MOMS seem to push push push if their kid needs to be "challenged" but most of the time they can't sit on the carpet long enough to listen so we work on that before we "challenge" our prestigious children. Little Nicky did a writing sample for me yesterday...the kid can't write to save his life!!! BEST DAY EVER!!!! Know it all Little Nicky is an L. No need for me to tell you what an L will find out soon enough.

Back to the story: Little Nicky and I are doing math and G-man stands up across from us...marches over to the stoplight and says very loud, "I am moving the clothespin to red, because I am DUMB and STUPID and those people go to red!"
"DUDE!", I say. "Slow down, come talk to me."
Turns out he was upset at his dad because his dad had yelled at him. I have no thoughts in my head that dad happened to mention some of the above words...LOSER DAD!
Little Nicky leans over to G-man and says, "I know THE solution to your problem! Just pray for your dad! It will make it all better!"


G-man doesn't really know what to think...and walks away.

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