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I wrote this blog to keep notes on my daily life...some is about teaching, some about just plain normal life...who am I kidding? My life is anything but plain and normal! I hope you enjoy! I love to know who is reading so leave me a comment!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

His glasses are a big hit...apparently...

I hem and haw (how do you spell that anyway?!?!?) over if it's a good thing to have yahoo accessible at school or not. Today it made my day when I got a notification email because someone posted on my Facebook wall...

It was from a mother of my favorite redhead, that just happens to be in my class (I just realized I never posted about the love note from the red head!). This hilariously funny volunteer mama can be found over at HUSH.

Her #1 and #2 children are also hilarious (I don't know #3 yet but looking forward too soon!) and are very "in tune" with the world around them.

Here is the convo she sent me. D is the oldest and F is the middle child...

D: "good job Chuck"
mom: "what?"
D: "he did a real good job tearing out all those math pages last Summer. I was wondering if they were straight"
F: "Oh yea, Chuck, that guy did a nice job on our 100 day yesterday"
D: "was he wearing his glasses?"
F: "how would I know??"

This made me laugh all day well as "Chuck's"!

Monday, February 15, 2010

One Snowy Night...(a long time coming!) you see in the title...this post has been a long time coming. I was waiting for one of these pics that I felt was the key to completing this here you are...

It all started December was a rainy day but it was sunny for me! I was signing papers on my new house! We drove out to Washington Square area to meet with the Title Company. The Boy was sitting next to me cheering me on as I was signing my life away...literally. All the sudden he looks up and goes, "There's the snow!" I had no idea it was even in the forecast let alone supposed to be dumping white stuff out the window! I signed and signed and signed and then I was done. We came out and saw the streets were fine! So dumb and dumber headed to the mall across the street to pick up some shoes we had our eyes on. As we came out the mall the white stuff was dumping harder...still the roads were good. Please understand at this point we head home and there are many routes we can take. Oh yes and don't forget we are in The Boys' truck that is HUGE and has NO, I repeat NO four wheel drive (who makes a truck with no 4 wheel drive?) And if you aren't aware, driving a huge truck with no 4 wheel drive is like getting on an ice skating's bad...very bad. Instead of getting on the freeway we decide to take a "short cut" (read: 1 hour later we were back where we started) As we arrived on the short cut road...the roads were NO LONGER good. We needed to get back to the freeway. It took us 1 more hour to do that...approximately 3 miles?!?!? I can see the panic is The Boys' eyes and I knew if he was panicked I should be triple panicked...that's when my super duper idea came to me!!! STAY IN A HOTEL AND CALL IT A NIGHT! One would think a hotel .2 miles away would be easy to get to...SORRY! 45 minutes later and a lot of DUMB people we make it to The Grand Hotel! In only the clothes we were wearing BUT thank god we had new shoes! Crocs to be know really good snow shoes! Oh yes and in honor or signing my papers I decided to go with fashion instead of I had on a long sleeve t-shirt with only a vest over the top. Lovely!

Lucky for us The Grand Hotel was having a special...something about dumbasses who couldn't get home...and apparently Ron Jon at the front desk knew it was our 1 year anniversary so he kindly upgraded us for free!

We arrived in our room of luxury shortly after 5 pm. Immediately I jumped in the tub!This was the nicest place we ever stayed so we took full advantage! A jacuzzi in the living room with robes to go with it!

We headed across to the mall to eat at PF Changs and then to Whole Food to pick up cheap wine and "natural" oreos!
Oh yeah...who cares we didn't have wine glasses!

It was a fun night to remember...when we arrived back at the hotel we walked right in on a wedding reception...who gets married on a Tuesday????? Poor things! Bless their hearts!The Boy with his robe and "new shoes" on!!!