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Thursday, February 25, 2010

His glasses are a big hit...apparently...

I hem and haw (how do you spell that anyway?!?!?) over if it's a good thing to have yahoo accessible at school or not. Today it made my day when I got a notification email because someone posted on my Facebook wall...

It was from a mother of my favorite redhead, that just happens to be in my class (I just realized I never posted about the love note from the red head!). This hilariously funny volunteer mama can be found over at HUSH.

Her #1 and #2 children are also hilarious (I don't know #3 yet but looking forward too soon!) and are very "in tune" with the world around them.

Here is the convo she sent me. D is the oldest and F is the middle child...

D: "good job Chuck"
mom: "what?"
D: "he did a real good job tearing out all those math pages last Summer. I was wondering if they were straight"
F: "Oh yea, Chuck, that guy did a nice job on our 100 day yesterday"
D: "was he wearing his glasses?"
F: "how would I know??"

This made me laugh all day well as "Chuck's"!

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