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I wrote this blog to keep notes on my daily life...some is about teaching, some about just plain normal life...who am I kidding? My life is anything but plain and normal! I hope you enjoy! I love to know who is reading so leave me a comment!!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

We wear short shorts...

Dear Nair,

A couple weeks back I saw you sitting on the shelf at my local Target. Oh how I love that shopping goodness that Target provides me. I had never bought you before...this time I thought why not?!?!? You could save me some valuable shower time! I didn't use you right away as you took a little planning. I had to rub on the said hair area (don't worry it's just my legs!) wait for approx. 3 minutes, longer if the hair is thicker. Test a small area to see if hair was infact removed and then wipe legs with warm wet wash cloth. Hmm...seems reasonable. I mean you do guarantee days of no shaving! What more could a busy girl ask for?!?!?!

Two nights ago, I may have been bored (cabin fever anyone?!?!?) so decided then was as best as any to try it. I would go for 5 minutes. The bottle warned to not go over 10 so I thought I was set to go. YOU my ex-friend were wrong!!!! 5 minutes were up and I followed directions. As soon as the cloth touched my leg....FIRE!!! I jumped in the shower as fast as I could and scrubbed away every piece of skin that came into contact with that poison!

I now I two burns on my legs and the burning sensation didn't stop for 24 hours.

YOU are not a lovely product. I will not be recommending you to my friends. I threw you AWAY!!! I don't understand. I thought we would workout! I thought we would have a long lasting friendship! You could go places with me! You could be my BFF!!!


Never ever again will you be welcome are the devil.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Mailman Mailman where are you?!?!?!

With all this "inclement" weather we have been having...our mail has not been delivered since last Saturday. That would be a week from tomorrow. 7 days. 1/4 of a month. 1/52nd of a year. You get the point?!?!?! I have also not recieved an awaited package that should have arrived approx. ( do you notice I always do that for that word? it's because I don't know the proper way to spell it and I don't care really either!) 1 week ago. That's neither here nor there. Anyway, back to the mail...
I walked down to the mailbox...risking my life really, yesterday and today. NOTHING!

Then I was driving down the street a little later...I found my mail...


Thursday, December 25, 2008

While wrapping at mom's house...

Weird how I get stuck wrapping everyone's presents!!!!

While at mother's house I was helping (read: doing it all) wrap presents.

She, just like roommate, put them in piles of what goes to who...

At the bottom of the pile...this is what I found... no need for explanation of the rest of the months as I am sure you can figure it out.


Did you get your 2009 calendar yet?!?!?

Of course they are scissors!!!

I have nothing fun to post about as I have been stuck either in my casa or madre's casa for days now...I found this old email though from my friend's mother in law...enjoy!

Of course they're scissors!!

Quote from the mom: This is my kindergartener's artistic rendering of a pair of scissors. I wonder what his teacher thought. I allowed myself just a small smirk when I saw it. I waited until he was out of the room before I started crying from laughing so hard.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I was helping (read: I was doing it) my roommate wrap Christmas Presents.
He was making piles of who things went to...I came upon this and needed to take a pic of it. Unfortunately, my camera couldn't pic it up as well as I would have liked...this gift was for his cousin who apparently likes to hunt...this actual gift is a rope...the picture will show you what it is for...

Ladies and Gentlemen...I give you...the "Deer Drag"


I wonder if they make a kid drag...hmm...

Cooped up craftyness...

Well, as you know I have been cooped up in the house for a LONG time!!! (I have been out two days since last Sunday...special I know.)

I have made two of these framey things because I didn't like the way the first one turned out. It is a crazy little craft to keep track must keep checking and fixing, checking and fixing, etc.

I have promised my cousin this since her wedding in July. With the snow...I was able to conquer! The pictures don't do it justice as I don't have a "fancy" camera. It has resin over the top for long lasting goodness. I didn't take pics of the process...sorry!!!

Stay turned tomorrow for some more cooped up craftyness!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pretty sure...

... we have entered an Ice Age...




With the snow not letting up. I am getting all sorts of crazy texts and emails...
I woke up to this...


Then from another friend that is stuck with relatives at her house...

"The feeling of wanting to cry...yeah it's back. I am afraid someone might die here today..."

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Surprise...

I got a wonderful Christmas Surprise tonight! Rose took me to Papa Hayden's (so good!) and then to see Michael Allen Harrison's Christmas Show (amazing!). We had a blast! He is one talented guy and has a very talented family as well. I didn't get pictures as I chickened out...I will go another time and promise to get pics. Here is a clip of a benefit he does. I realized that he doesn't do concerts without other people in them so that was hard to find. Here is a benefit he does called "Ten Grands" and there are ten grand pianos on stage playing. I might need to look into going this year! Hope you enjoy him as much as I do!

PS The embeded one isn't working so you have to click to YouTube to see it. Sorry!

5th and final...

Today was the fifth and final day of no school. As of now...I am officially on Winter Break.

Yesterday was questionable as to whether we could drive or not... I ended up driving all over town. Last night it got icy and the head honcho at the district wouldn't call it till this morning. We were SURE we would have it today...all those children couldn't wait to get to school to deliver their wonderful Christmas Presents to their teachers...and teachers had all sorts of fun times planned!

Here is what it looks like outside...

I mean folks...we are SNOWED IN!!! There's no going anywhere!!!! =)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Day school...approx. 1 day of my summer vacation has been SHOT!

So...since today was another snow day...I crafted! Once again feeling like a bird that has escaped from it's I felt kind of naughty. Like I was playing hooky or something!

I crafted this today...SUPER EASY!!!

It's for one of my secretaries. Her last name starts with a D. I made one for my other secretary too. Her last name starts with a Y. Just incase you were wondering. They are both VERY similar. Now...if only there is school tomorrow so I could actually give them these!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I feel like a bird that escaped from it's cage...

Today I went here....

starbucks Pictures, Images and Photos

and here...

Target Pictures, Images and Photos

and bought this...


and went here...

bk all day Pictures, Images and Photos

Hopefully Friday...

I will go here...


One time I saw Dave Matthews this close...


The story behind this...

a bunch of us "crazy" college kids went to the Gorge to see DMB. We camped, we had a blast. We had show tickets for Saturday but could hear him play Friday night. Rumor was getting around camp that the show was going to start earlier on Saturday. My bf and I went to the gates to see what time exactly it would start. Please keep in mind this is a LONG walk from the campsite. We get there and see about 20 people crowded in a tight little circle. We looked at each other and ran as fast as we could. LUCKILY I take my camera everywhere and I had it. No one would have believed us otherwise. It was AMAZING!

Monday, December 15, 2008

100 things for my 100th post!

Here is 100 random facts about me in honor of my 100th post:

1. I was born March 19
2. I am a fairly picky eater
3. I don't eat onions except for onion rings or fajitas
4. I love pumpkin flavored anything
5. I have an addictive personality
6. I prefer miracle whip over of mayonnaise
7. I am addicted to quadruplets
8. I have nine cousins
9. I am half orphan
10. Some people call me Sassy
11. I keep in touch with my best friend from Kindergarten
12. My name came from the "Thornbirds"
13. I wear Danskos
14. I don't buy peanut butter because I like it too much...
15. I don't buy pop tarts for the same reason...
16. I want to be a counselor when I grow up
17. I wear glasses...(Read: I am supposed to wear glasses)
18. I would like to own a Poptart shop
19. I can be shy around people I don't know
20. I can be very outgoing
21. If I can make you laugh...I like you
22. I remember licence plate letters easily

23. I once was addicted to Diet Coke...I am not kidding...I have been clean for 24 months.
24. I have never cheated on someone
25. I will never cheat on someone
26. I love reading Nicholas Sparks
27. I can't cook
28. I like tuna fish
29. I love Napoleon Dynamite
30. I was in the movie by the creators of ND...The Sasquatch Gang
31. I was on 20/20
32. I have lost 30 lbs on Weight Watchers to date
33. I am a first grade teacher34. My favorite meal is breakfast35. My favorite food is pizza
36. I love to cuddle
37. I can be so shy I might come off rude
38. I have had the "falling" dream
39. I am in love with Joey Harrington
40. I am a Duck fan
41. I have one thing I order off each menu at restaurants...not branching out
42. When I was little my mom promised me a pair of LA Gear if I wore my Frankel for a full LA Gear
43. I saw High School Musical 3 on opening night...DUH!

44. I can dance with the best of them
45. I HATE restrooms with no toilet seat covers
46. I won't eat at sketchy restaurants
47. I won't eat at sketchy houses
48. I have seen Tim McGraw in concert at least 5 times (Faith Hill twice)
49. I am a grief counselor at a summer camp
50. I have post traumatic growth
51. I have an itchy scalp
52. My ankles itch when I have to stand to0 long
53. My socks don't usually match each other
54. My underwear and sock drawer is a disaster...hence the above
55. I eat Ramen noodles dry
56. I don't have my tonsils
57. I broke my fifth metatarsal in Georgia one time
58. I played the flute in 5th grade
59. I tap dance
60. I call my grandma "nannie"
61. I have only beaten Super Mario Brothers 3 times.
62. I know all the words to the movie, Cinderella
63. My sister once made me sing "Poppa Don't Preach" by Madonna in front of her friends
64. I have been to Georgia 8 times
65. I have been hit in the head with an ice sculpture
66. I posed in a picture with Freddy Jones outside Bar 71
67. I have never had Lice
68. I am a Pisces
69. I watch The Hills
70. I have my own room at The Williams'
71. I was on a a baton team called “The Kelly Kadets”
72. I have been in more parades than I can count
73. I have Eczema
74. I was Rainbow Brite for Halloween once
75. I used to wear puff paint Daisy Kingdom sweatshirts
76. I used to have my ears pierced but I let them grow back
77. In 7th grade I flew from Hong Kong to Portland alone
78. I was bullied on a Tri-Met bus once
79. I have a scar on my left arm from the neighbor's dog biting me
80. I can only play Guitar Hero on "easy"
81. I ran down all the stairs at the Washington Monument in under 15 minutes
82. I am an inactive member of Kappa Alpha Theta
83. I wear socks to bed
84. I use an electric toothbrush
85. I don't wash my hair everyday
86. I despise cats
87. I once got ring worm from this gross cat that lived in one of my college apts.

88. I have unlimited text messages (thank goodness!)
89. I once racked up a $450.00 phone bill (yes, the decimal is in the right spot)
90. I have seen every episode of all 6 seasons of Dawson's Creek
91. I have been in 6 weddings and will have 8 by September 1, 2009
92. I still have my appendix
93. I have never ridden in an ambulance
94. I shop at
95. My love language is "gift giving"
96. I love words
97. I eat Uncrustables frequently
98. I never eat hot lunch at school
99. I worked in the cafeteria in elementary school
100. I spell my name with an "H"
P.S. I have no idea what is going on with the spacing on this thing and it is driving me NUTS!

What two teachers living under one roof do for hours on end...

While sounds similar to a casino in our abode...
"Come on baby! Big money big money!" waiting for our districts to be announced...
Apparently my cheering helped...Roommate's cheering did not. Poor roomie must attend tomorrow.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snow day! Snow day! We want a snow day!

Tonight was 2nd Saturday Wraptacular, hosted by a good friend/former co-worker/boss...

She has people over to wrap presents to their little hearts content! I took my camera so I could specifically get a shot of everyone...totally forgot to snap pics! What would have been great for you is seeing the food. She always has GREAT food!

Anyway, while I was there I visited with my Two Bundles of Summer Joy. Seen in the pic. B and E were my summer buddies. I took care of them this summer and we had a blast! We did EVERYTHING and went EVERYWHERE! There wasn't a kid's place that wasn't touched by us. Sometimes we got bored...sometimes we got VERY creative. The pics is them trying to figure out how to get the sled to go down the grassy hill. It was approx. 90 degrees this day. They gave up and ate popsicles instead.

E came cruising down in "the wrapping zone" in her jammies. They were inside out. Her reasoning? It will snow if she does that! Her neighbors told her that. She she did it! Why not? I am doing it tonight and for the rest of this week. Snowdays are not something to mess around with people! Another helpful hint was a spoon under the pillow. Again...don't mess.

Snow on! Snow on!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A long time ago...(okay maybe just three years ago)

My first year of teaching was kind of a blur...very fast, crazy, out of control, are a few words that would describe it. I slowly am reminded of stories (by other staff members that I obviously vented to) that happened that beloved year...
I always greet the children at the door. Every morning. Some genius wrote in a book one time that kids know you care if you stand at the I do...whateve! One morning I was standing, greeting, and hugging when I overheard a conversation. The BEST material from my kids is when they don't know I am listening. Once they see's all over.

Here's how the story went that day...(I taught Kindergarten at the time)

D-man: "Dude! I got drunk last night and I think I have a hangover today!"

V-Train: "Oh really? What does that mean?"

D-man: "It means I ate too much and got CRAAAAAAAAZZZZYYYYY!!!!"

V-Train: "oh!"

It was a lovely makes you wonder...what do mom and dad talk about at home? =)

This story reminds me of a favorite scene from School of Rock that my friend at "I Use Sarcasm as a Weapon" and I enjoy...
My intention was to have it on a video, but I can't find just this part...GOSH!!!
If anyone knows of where I could get that...I would give you a shout out on my next post...Until then...below is the scene. Dewey Finn is Jack Black and he is the substitute teacher and Frankie is a student.

Dewey Finn: Ok, here's the deal. I have a hangover. Who knows what that means?

Frankie: Doesn't that mean you're drunk?

Dewey Finn: No. It means I was drunk yesterday.

Freddy: It means you're an alcoholic.

Dewey Finn: Wrong.

Freddy: You wouldn't come to work with a hangover unless you were an alcoholic. Dude, you got a disease!

Dewey Finn: Hmmm... hmmm... What's your name?

Freddy: Freddy Jones.

Dewey Finn: Ok, Freddy Jones, shut up!


Monday, December 8, 2008

Rats, and Mice, and Bugs...OH MY!

Time to admit some things I am not so proud of. My students eat snack everyday at 10am after AM recess. They have about 15 minutes to eat and listen to my wonderfully read-aloud skills. This is often interrupted by the infamous bathroom breaks, drinking fountain fights, and just chatting in general. Needless to say we don't always get our snacks finished on time. When it is time to transition (big elementary school word) to writing time, they have 1 minute to get cleaned up and to the carpet. Now keep in mind this is MORE than plenty of time people. MUCH MUCH MORE! Some, in a last ditch effort to make it ontime will stash wrappers in their desks instead of walking 4 ft. to the trash can.

I recently looked in a favorite friend's desk to find every snack wrapper that we had eaten last week, the week prior, and perhaps everyone since the last desk clean out. GROSSNESS!

I might have made a special announcement today. It might have gone something like this...

"Boys and girls...I was in here this weekend and guess what I saw?!?!? I saw bugs in your desks eating off the wrappers!!! Please don't forget to throw your wrappers in the garbage instead of hiding them in your desks. Thanks!"

Here is what I found today at the end of the day...

P.S. This was NOT today's snack...YUMMY!

No more bugs...

Baby Dance Continued...


I am pumped!

I must start my girly shopping!

Her name will be Rylee Braden(mrs. jensen's middle name, as well as our grandfather's middle name) Jensen...don't ask what happened to her being named after her favorite auntie...we are still in discussion.

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Jensen!!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Taking Care...

Not all of my posts are funny. I am just not that funny to make them ALL funny.

Yesterday was another Camp Erin Saturday Gathering. It is yet another reminder how fortunate I am. Yes, I have been through a lot. "Through" being the keyword. I made it out. I am ready for more challenges. Grief work with kids reminds me of what I have been through and what they are facing. Yes, they are strong and can make it, but I wish I could take it all away.

During opening circle, we check in and answer a question prompted by the Clinical Leads. Saturdays question was... "Is this your first Holiday Season without your person that died? And how will things be different?"

T was sitting next to me. T is about 11 years old, I would guess. Very logical thinker and "mature" for her age. Her father passed away. That made her grow up too fast. When it got to her this was her answer...
"This year will be different because I am trying to buy my mom as many gifts as possible. My dad ALWAYS got her really nice things so now it is my job to make up for that. So far I have gotten her about 5 things and I want to get her a few more things." She was very proud.

My heart sank. I had the same feeling when I was in her shoes. It was my sister and I that "had" to fill that void. My heart goes out to T. This will make her a stronger person, but she shouldn't have to be growing up so fast.

I hope T has a really good Christmas.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Just because I like nail ladies...

I think I want to go get my nails done this weekend...

Thursday, December 4, 2008


when you start a new post and need to come back to it, and then you post others before you post that one (are you confused yet?) then it posts it the date you started it.

For example: I just 'published' something that I started last week. I had posted something since then, so it posted it before that one. Kind of lameo for all you avid readers out there. I kind of feel like a rock star. I mean jeez...who doesn't read this thing? Those of you who don't? BLESS YOUR HEART!

Anyway, wanted to let you know there is a new post before the OSU craziness that occured on Monday.

But just so this one isn't too lame...I will leave you with something I think is hysterical! If you don't think it is funny...we probably aren't friends...I'm just sayin!!!! And seriously, don't leave me a comment saying something about how funny it was just so I will like you...RUDE!

Monday, December 1, 2008

65-38...WHAT NOW?!?

So, my Ducks won the Civil War. I am being SOOO nice about this I am making myself sick! I have left a message on my Facebook status. Not to anyone's face or directly pointed to a certain person. I am trying my hardest at being a good winner!

Anyway, last week the children at the school were having a canned food drive. The deal was this...if they brought in 1,000 items, the teachers who are Duck fans would wear Beaver attire and vice was the day. It was MUCH easier wearing these colors today after the amazing game Saturday!

Thanks Sass for your attire! Since this picture has been taken, my children have burned it...sorry! Mark my words...this will be the LAST time you see me in this attire...