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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Taking Care...

Not all of my posts are funny. I am just not that funny to make them ALL funny.

Yesterday was another Camp Erin Saturday Gathering. It is yet another reminder how fortunate I am. Yes, I have been through a lot. "Through" being the keyword. I made it out. I am ready for more challenges. Grief work with kids reminds me of what I have been through and what they are facing. Yes, they are strong and can make it, but I wish I could take it all away.

During opening circle, we check in and answer a question prompted by the Clinical Leads. Saturdays question was... "Is this your first Holiday Season without your person that died? And how will things be different?"

T was sitting next to me. T is about 11 years old, I would guess. Very logical thinker and "mature" for her age. Her father passed away. That made her grow up too fast. When it got to her this was her answer...
"This year will be different because I am trying to buy my mom as many gifts as possible. My dad ALWAYS got her really nice things so now it is my job to make up for that. So far I have gotten her about 5 things and I want to get her a few more things." She was very proud.

My heart sank. I had the same feeling when I was in her shoes. It was my sister and I that "had" to fill that void. My heart goes out to T. This will make her a stronger person, but she shouldn't have to be growing up so fast.

I hope T has a really good Christmas.

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