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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A long time ago...(okay maybe just three years ago)

My first year of teaching was kind of a blur...very fast, crazy, out of control, are a few words that would describe it. I slowly am reminded of stories (by other staff members that I obviously vented to) that happened that beloved year...
I always greet the children at the door. Every morning. Some genius wrote in a book one time that kids know you care if you stand at the I do...whateve! One morning I was standing, greeting, and hugging when I overheard a conversation. The BEST material from my kids is when they don't know I am listening. Once they see's all over.

Here's how the story went that day...(I taught Kindergarten at the time)

D-man: "Dude! I got drunk last night and I think I have a hangover today!"

V-Train: "Oh really? What does that mean?"

D-man: "It means I ate too much and got CRAAAAAAAAZZZZYYYYY!!!!"

V-Train: "oh!"

It was a lovely makes you wonder...what do mom and dad talk about at home? =)

This story reminds me of a favorite scene from School of Rock that my friend at "I Use Sarcasm as a Weapon" and I enjoy...
My intention was to have it on a video, but I can't find just this part...GOSH!!!
If anyone knows of where I could get that...I would give you a shout out on my next post...Until then...below is the scene. Dewey Finn is Jack Black and he is the substitute teacher and Frankie is a student.

Dewey Finn: Ok, here's the deal. I have a hangover. Who knows what that means?

Frankie: Doesn't that mean you're drunk?

Dewey Finn: No. It means I was drunk yesterday.

Freddy: It means you're an alcoholic.

Dewey Finn: Wrong.

Freddy: You wouldn't come to work with a hangover unless you were an alcoholic. Dude, you got a disease!

Dewey Finn: Hmmm... hmmm... What's your name?

Freddy: Freddy Jones.

Dewey Finn: Ok, Freddy Jones, shut up!


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