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I wrote this blog to keep notes on my daily life...some is about teaching, some about just plain normal life...who am I kidding? My life is anything but plain and normal! I hope you enjoy! I love to know who is reading so leave me a comment!!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Jiggly what?!?!?!

Yesterday as I called my little group of friends to my kidney table for our reading group, one of my "fun" friends sat down right directly in front of me and this is what he said...


Awesome...about that diet...

Come to find out, with some research from 6 year olds that a Jiggly Puff is some sort of a Pokemon character...He better hope it's some kind of character!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Potatoes and Babies...

I just returned from a short stay in Idaho to love on one of my baby's!!! Let me tell you...she is freakin CUTE!!! I almost brought her home with me! I also enjoyed my cousin Lindsey and her husband Brian. It was fun to see where they live and how they live (small town!)
Here are some shots...I literally held the baby all was soooo fun and relaxing!!!

She is so sweet!

"Let's Get Physical...Physical!" Lindsey brought out all her bows to show me and so we played a little dress up...
okay so maybe it wasn't meant for ALL the bows at once...she was embarassed!

Tucker, showing off his "handsome" bows...Tucker is one of The Jensen's friend's kiddos...super sweet and smart!

She is as sweet as pie! Thank you Jensen's for your hospitality! I hope to be back soon!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Gluestick...

This last month has been a blur, but I am slowly coming out of it. Something fun I got to do was be a part of my great friends, Lisa and Mark's, wedding.
Their wedding was held on May 9, 2009 at McMenamin's Edgefield. They could not have picked a better venue or date! Up until that week...the weather was looking grim, but that weekend turned out WONDERFUL!

Friday the 8th we arrived at the venue for rehearsal...little did we know how muddy it would be!

Dinner was held at Amalfi's which is one of my favorite restaurants!

Saturday morning was filled with make-up, hair, dressing and photos!

We had a wonderful time and I hope the Goodman's had a wonderful honeymoon in Europe!

I am sad they are moving away to Salt Lake but look forward to a few trips out there!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I know it's not Thanksgiving...BUT I need to make my list of what I am thankful for...
My Nannie is SOOO much better today and it just reminded me that I am so thankful for people and things in my life...I need to write them down...

I am thankful for my STRONG mother...we have our ups and downs, but she has been a champ through this whole thing...I don't know how she has done it.

I am thankful for the nurses and doctors at Emanuel Hospital...they have been great

I am thankful for modern medical equipment...

I am thankful for friends who have asked day in and day out how my Nannie is doing

I am thankful for all the prayers that friends and family have put means the world to me

I am thankful for Rose for providing my momma with some meals so she doesn't have to have hospital meals every night...and listening to me ramble on, and feed me on Sunday!

I am thankful for my principal who has been SO understanding about this whole thing and is so flexible and supportive

I am thankful for my secretaries who kicked into gear when I was called to the hospital

I am thankful for my students who still love me even though I have been Miss Grouchy McGroucherton lately

I am thankful for my AMAZING boyfriend who has been nothing but understanding, but also kicking my butt when I needed it (I love you!), put up with my crazies, hiked with me when I needed stress relief, bought me ice cream when I needed it, came and got me from school to go to the hospital, answered my crazy crying phone calls and did anything else he could to love me...

I am thankful for my friend Melissa for coming to the waiting room to check in before and after her long work day and her inspiring texts.

I am thankful for my friend Teacha for buying strawberries and cutting them for me =)
She also sat with me while I waited for my ride to the hospital and it was so good to know she was right there with me.

I am thankful for Facebook for being able to "show my status"

I am thankful for Email so I didn't have to call everyone individually

I am thankful for EVERYONE who has cared, called, emailed, texted, prayed, crossed fingers, anything you did for my family and I...THANK YOU!!!

If I forgot anyone...I will remember you...I promise...I appreciate you all soooo much!
Please know that I love you all and would do anything for you!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Losing readers...

I have come to realize my readership is probably dwindling...
This was a free time activity...I have no free time...therefore...don't blog much...

You just wait folks...I will get some pics of those babies and you will love me again...

The A-Team is headed home (fingers crossed) this weekend!!! Yeah!!!!

Nannie is hanging in there...that poor woman!!!

This post is so random...