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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I know it's not Thanksgiving...BUT I need to make my list of what I am thankful for...
My Nannie is SOOO much better today and it just reminded me that I am so thankful for people and things in my life...I need to write them down...

I am thankful for my STRONG mother...we have our ups and downs, but she has been a champ through this whole thing...I don't know how she has done it.

I am thankful for the nurses and doctors at Emanuel Hospital...they have been great

I am thankful for modern medical equipment...

I am thankful for friends who have asked day in and day out how my Nannie is doing

I am thankful for all the prayers that friends and family have put means the world to me

I am thankful for Rose for providing my momma with some meals so she doesn't have to have hospital meals every night...and listening to me ramble on, and feed me on Sunday!

I am thankful for my principal who has been SO understanding about this whole thing and is so flexible and supportive

I am thankful for my secretaries who kicked into gear when I was called to the hospital

I am thankful for my students who still love me even though I have been Miss Grouchy McGroucherton lately

I am thankful for my AMAZING boyfriend who has been nothing but understanding, but also kicking my butt when I needed it (I love you!), put up with my crazies, hiked with me when I needed stress relief, bought me ice cream when I needed it, came and got me from school to go to the hospital, answered my crazy crying phone calls and did anything else he could to love me...

I am thankful for my friend Melissa for coming to the waiting room to check in before and after her long work day and her inspiring texts.

I am thankful for my friend Teacha for buying strawberries and cutting them for me =)
She also sat with me while I waited for my ride to the hospital and it was so good to know she was right there with me.

I am thankful for Facebook for being able to "show my status"

I am thankful for Email so I didn't have to call everyone individually

I am thankful for EVERYONE who has cared, called, emailed, texted, prayed, crossed fingers, anything you did for my family and I...THANK YOU!!!

If I forgot anyone...I will remember you...I promise...I appreciate you all soooo much!
Please know that I love you all and would do anything for you!!!

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