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Saturday, September 27, 2008

You are my nightlight...

I found this card today in Target. They just "remodeled" my Target and it is super cool. Unlucky for me, I couldn't find anything. I feel lost. It is only a matter of time before I know the aisles better than the workers. Okay okay! I spend a lot of time there! I won't even tell you about the time someone thought I was a worker there! I have stopped wearing red since then.

There is a section of cards that have quotes by small children on them. Whether they are real quotes or not...I heart them and I tend to purchase quite a few. Did I mention I am a card whore? I am. I love giving and sending cards. Who doesn't love a good card right? Especially from me.

I found one that says..."you are my nightlight". It was perfect because I was looking for a card for my dear dear friend...Teacha! Teacha gets me through the days...she makes me laugh, she makes me cry, sometimes she even makes me workout! She is like my life support...seriously. Anyway I needed her today and she was there, via text message which is almost the best. You don't have to face anyone. I love my teacha. The card fits her perfect. The funny thing is, I bought it for her for another reason. I bought it to thank her for the kind donation she made to Camp Erin in my name for my birthday. She was struggling with "the perfect gift" for me. She came up with this on her own and I am forever grateful.

Now I need to go find another card for her kind heart and words of today...


Teacha's words from her heart make me happy!

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