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Friday, September 19, 2008

27 dresses...


Friends asking me to be in their weddings makes me happy.

My friends are getting married next summer. I shall call them, Brother and Doctor. He is the closest thing I have to a brother and she is going to be a doctor. I am working on getting her to deliver my kids...she isn't real keen on the idea.
I will work on her. So yeah...getting married! August 29th to be exact. Kind of a crazy story. I went to school with the gal since the side pony/ permed bang days(don't act like you don't remember!)...aka middle school, but we were never friends there. High school came and we became very close. We were the type of friends that were close but we definitely hung with different crowds. Our love for each other grew in a RI-DONK-ULOUS math class we got stuck in together. The rest you could say is history. We aren't BEST friends, but we are GREAT AMAZING friends. I would go to her with ANYTHING and I hope she feels like she could do the same. I was AMAZED when she filled me in on who she was going to go on a date with just two short years ago. It is who I consider a brother. I adopted him as a brother in about '99ish and vice versa. He was my sister's nearest and dearest guy friend...I think. The thing is...the longer she has been gone (read how that happened here)the more friends I realize were "her best friends". I truly believe they were all her "best" friends. They were/are my bests too. They helped me through a time when I didn't know if I could go on or how that would happen in the meantime they went through just as much. Anyway I am getting sidetracked...Brother and Doctor are GETTING MARRIED!!! Who knew??!?!?!

Tonight I met her for dinner and she asked me to be in the wedding. She said it was hard because she didn't think I would want to be due to the fact that being in weddings is basically my summer job! BUT she said her and him couldn't imagine me NOT being in their wedding! I heart them! Congratulations Brother and Doctor! Did I mention this is wedding numero 8 for me!!! I am four away from my GOAL!!! Come on people...LET'S GET MARRIED!!!!

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