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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Good Coffee...

Since the beginning of my teaching career (two whole years ago!) I have come down with approximately 8 cases of strep...YES I said 8!!!! Tonsils were ugly! This summer we pulled those bad boys out! I mean...I didn't do it myself or anything! My hottie tonsil doctor did it. It was dreadful, but lovely all at the same time!

Anyway, I have had my share of substitutes in the past. One in particular is a parent from my first year teaching and become a friend of mine. The day after she subbed one time last year she emailed me this note. I have copy and pasted below word for word. She has the kid's name wrong so I didn't change it.

Hi M. - I forgot to tell you something funny that happened yesterday. The (PM) kids were all really excited about painting their pumpkins, doing their best, etc - I'd been keeping an eye on Brandon(?? not sure of his name, he is tall, has very short blond hair, sits at the 1/2 table by the wall furthest from the door) anyway - I'd just talked to him about wrestling with a couple other kids, and wanted to make sure he was on task, but he was doing a great job, painting bright greens and blues, concentrating. I looked back at him a minute later and he was sipping his paint water with an expression like he was savoring a good cup of coffee, with a green paint moustache from drinking it. Ack!!

I hope you are feeling better!


Oh the joys of teaching! This ladies and gentlemen is what keeps me funny!

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