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Monday, September 15, 2008

24 hour craziness!

I just got home from the gym. I was in a funk and knew I needed to go. I can't tell you the last time I went. Could I get myself off the couch? I DID! I decided that I really wanted to read my new Michael Phelps book so it was a perfect match. The bike and the book! I pedaled for 20 miles...Alpine Slopes no less! (I wonder who is lucky enough to get the job of making up the names for the different settings on a stationary bike???)

Photobucket I think that is my mom's sweet treadmill in the background.

As I sit there with my trusty hot pink i-pod on listening to my Josh Radin and reading my Michael...I am becoming aware of my surroundings. Many "cool dudes" lifting weights. Sometimes I am not even sure if they know what they are doing. Then I see bald dude that wanted my number at Lola's party a few years ago. Thank goodness he doesn't talk to me anymore..creepy! I "accidentally" gave him the wrong number...I hate it when that happens.

Then I see Mr. Hairy. That's right folks..there is always one. Mr. Hairy has hair EVERYWHERE! Get your minds out of the gutter! I don't know okay! But yes Mr. Hairy has lots of hair. Why is it that Mr. Hairy always has tight short 80's gym clothes on too? So yes, Mr. Hairy was dressed in WHITE SHORT TIGHT 80's gym clothes on today. Guess what he chooses? The bike next to mine. YES!!! All is well and I am back to my Michael and Josh. Wait wait wait...what is he doing now? Oh jeez! He is pouring his water into his hands and splashing himself with it. Let me inform those of you that don't know...the bikes are VERY close. I am praying to the GYM GODS that I don't get splashed with his "water". I was on the bike for approximately 1 hour. He splashed approximately 100 times. I don't exaggerate!
I can't stop thinking about it. Gross.

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