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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Choice 2...Golden Corndog

Every morning the children make a lunch choice. They have 2 to choose from. I can't believe they have two now! Pretty soon they will be able to order off a menu! This isn't Mongolian Grill people! When I was a child we had one. One stinkin choice and I think they rotated those out about every other day. Most of the time it was Wiener Wraps or Chickenwiches. Chickenwiches were awesome until I found grissle in mine...then I was done with those! Wiener Wraps were the BOMB! Yes I said bomb because they WERE that good! I don't think they can serve those now. I mean I don't think the word "weiner" on the school lunch menu flies anymore...I'm just sayin!

Back to my story...
So every morning I have to read them the choices. Most have reviewed this with their parents prior to the day which I can appreciate more than you know! They move their clothespin with their name to the side of the tray and viola! They are done.
Sometimes there are discussions as to what the choices are. We decide according to what our friends are having...or what we may have had the day before. In the mornings I stand near the door which is closely located near the "lunch choice tray" to greet the children.
This morning the conversation went something like this...

Some kid: "Twinie, can you read me the choices?"

Twinie: "Sure, you can have a turkey sandwich with cheese on some bunz. That is choice 1 and choice 2 is a golden corndog."

Some kid: "What is a golden corndog?" (For those of your wondering, that is the exact words of the corndog choice...Golden Corndog. It should say burnt corndog...but who am I?)

Twinie: "It's golden on the outside and corny on the inside!"

Some kid: "Oh! That's what I am getting!"


Golden Corndogs make me happy!

P.S. I have a feeling Twinie will make or break most of my posts this year!
Stay tuned for his "Star Student of the Week" is a gem!


Heidi said...

Um, call me crazy, but those corn dogs look damn good. If one volunteers on golden cord dog day - does one get a free lunc? Or, do kids these days still have cafeteria duty? Cause i'd be all over that.

Meg Pie said...

I can probably arrange for volunteers to eat on golden corn dog day!

Perhaps on "Sewing with Mom" day you can join us?