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Monday, September 29, 2008

Vending Machine, Snack Shack, video games, and a bible...

Every morning starts with morning work. Once all are settled and lunch choices are made, then they stand for the Pledge of Alligance and our class pledge. Both are super cute, because for the most part they know them all but sometimes we "forget". =)

After all the pledges and promises have been made to save the poor, feed the hungry, and save the dying babies...we move to morning meeting. I was hesitant to start this routine. My Twin, aka one of my teammates, encouraged me to try it. It is great. It gets a lot of those "great" stories out of the way! The children may share one time about something they did on the weekend or last night. Today was obviously weekend stories. Some say amazing profound incredible things. Some tell me they watched tv all weekend (Twinie!).

It was Mr. Clean's went something like this...

"Well, yesterday I went to church, soccer, and football. My church is super cool...I think I will go back tonight. Listen to what they have there...they have a snack shack, vending machine, video games and a bible. Your turn (points to the kid on the right)".

Wow...must be some church if they have a BIBLE!!!!!

Churches that have bibles make me happy.

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Maria Rose said...

That's a very funny story. I laughed out loud!