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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Break

Day #2

Starbucks with Teacha, hair done, dessert pizza making (okay watching HIM make it) and potluck at some friends' house.  Dinner at friend's house was interesting.  There was a girl...that made a cake...that was a log...she also talked a lot about her cat.  For those of you that know me...I despise cats.  I kind of blew it off.  I had been browsing pics around the house, like I do in all houses and I saw a display of Christmas cards/pictures.  One was a full on Christmas Picture.  You know...that kind of the family and it's cute but not cheesy unless they are wearing ridiculous Santa hats or something.  It wasn't exactly a family was a cat.  One human, just a cat.  It was sleeping with reindeer ears on!  The side said, The Cat (can't remember it's name) was nestled all snug in her bed...I am sure the rest was something corny but I grabbed it as fast I could to show The Boy.  He looked and we snickered then he asked his buddy who's card it was..."Oh Shirley (names have been changed to protect the Crazies!) sent that to us!"  Well Shirley was the log cake lady in the next I flung it back onto the table as fast as I could and proceeded to laugh the whole night about it.  She is a CCL..crazy cat lady!

Then we kicked butt at Wii Bowling...below is a pic of me on the couch staying clear of the cat...and of course The Boy took it while I was blowing my nose!  Have I mentioned I got the usual Christmas Break sinus infection?  Fourth year running...fourth year teaching...


Heidi Williams said...

Sass! We used to have yule log cakes every year at my grandmas... i think they are swiss or something. But yes.. diss the cats, but dont diss the logs!

The Gustafson Family said...

I know a CCL, too! I think she likes her cats more than her kids. I just don't get it at all. I am definetly NOT a cat person.