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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Cankle...

So what had happened was... I was meeting Sassy and her fam at the Convention Center for this wonderful little shindig.  I was alone...on the opposite side of the center (Thank the LORD!) was a bit of an icey morning...but this area is about 20 mins+ from my house, and it looked mighty fine on this side of town.  I found a prime parking spot, and started my way across the street.  I was 97% across when I found myself ON THE GROUND!  I had no idea how I got there...I soon realize as I started to get up that I slipped and was on the ground in seconds!  I didn't even know I was falling it was that fast.  I heard the ONE person that was around yell if I was okay...I muttered yes and realized then that I didn't really know for sure.  I stood against the lamp post for awhile making sure to not pass out from tummy was feeling woozy!  Last time that happened I had a majorly broken fifth metatarcel...not fun.  To make a really long story shot...I "walked it off" and stood inline for this wonderful occasion.  I walked around with very minimal pain thinking I was golden.  I went and played Bunco...being off of it, didn't seem like it did much good...I came home to ice and it was getting worse.  Today it felt great.  Minimal throbing and I was able to wear my teacher shoes!  I took of the small cloth brace to find this...notice my sock socks aren't tight...I am a tad swollen!

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