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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Break...

Day #4...  I can't believe it's day four already!!!!

The Boy and I had an appt. at the new home to do a walk through with a fine tooth comb to make sure everything was just perfect.

We prepared my money to be spent on closing costs and down payments...

We drove to Corvallis (barf!) to see our friend Dan who just had a MAJOR surgery...he had the following done in ONE DAY!   Full rhinoplasty, broken jaw and it was moved forward so he actually has a chin now, tonsils out, adnoids out, soft pallette cut, and I think that may be it...he is doing great and doesn't snore anymore!!! Wahoo!!! Can't wait to go camping again and not be awake from his snoring!

We stopped at the outlets on the way home!

We went to the B's to deliver presents that we couldn't wait to give them!

We just got home and I am about to fall asleep as I write this!

Pics of the house coming in the next post!

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