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Friday, November 13, 2009

Marysville...will rise again...

After Tuesday's horrible fire at Marysville Elementary, I counted my blessings more than once.  As a teacher, I realize how much I would lose if there was a fire in our building.  But Portland has come through!  A good friend is a teacher there.  I emailed asking what they needed.  Their request, very simple...nametags for desks and borders for walls.  I knew I could do that.  I sent out an email to my staff and within minutes a table was full of items to be shared with our "friends" at Marysville.  Teachers stick together.

My friend offered to come get items yesterday, but I declined as I was waiting for more.  I am glad I did.  I got to experience Portland coming together to help this awesome school.  For those of you who don't know, Marysville has taken over the Elementary School formerly known as Rose City Park.

Here is what happened when I went there today...

-security greeted me at the parking lot
-my friend brought out some of her friends to help and they were sporting their new shirts thanks to Nike, the shirts brought tears to my eyes.  "Marysville" (on the front)  "We will rise again"  on the back
-once we walked into the building there were people EVERYWHERE...these people included: news crews, Nike employees, Portland Public School employees, donors, and many more!
-people were dropping things off like crazy...former teachers were bringing their old stuff by...there is a reason people keep that stuff...and this is it.
- as I unloaded my car, a Nike Van was behind me with a backpack full of supplies and a coat for EVERY student at the school...simply amazing.
-Nike has also provided food for the staff as well as a sport bag for each one
-Office Max is requesting wish lists from each teacher, and will be fulfilled 
-Powell's Books said they would donate 800 books, and 1,500 showed up

I am overwhelmed with the support they have gotten...and don't even teach there!

All this great stuff...but still a lot of tears and a ton of emotion will be there over the weekend and especially Monday when the kids roll up to their new school on their buses that will bus them from the neighborhood near Marysville.

My thoughts, prayers, and strength will be with the staff and students as they endure a very hard next couple of weeks...Marysville, please know you have support from ALL over this place!  You will rise again!

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Sherry said...

Looking for fun days ahead. Close a door another one opens..You go Marysville you will rise again.