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Monday, April 5, 2010

Hippity Hoppity...

Peter Cottontail didn't show up for Easter, but some VERY adorable nieces did!!! (disclaimer: I know some of you maybe wondering how I have nieces now that I am an only child...on paper, they aren't mine!)

Saturday was cold and wet but that wasn't stopping us from the egg hunting! We may have been at the lamest hunt ever!!!!! We only have one other to compare it to and let me tell you...the last one was STELLAR! The last one was at a neighborhood church near Rose's place and the girls got MOUNTAINS of candy...I mean 2 year olds NEED candy so it was totally worth it. This year we went to a park in Rose's neighborhood. They hid the didn't matter how much you got cause everyone turned their empty eggs in for a ziploc baggie full of Palmer's candy?!!?!? Apparently the economy is bad for the Easter Bunny as well as the Tooth Fairy. Yowsers!

Here is a picture of the girls right before their "hunt". You can't see them but under their hoods they have their iPods on listening to motivational podcasts! (hello 2010!) This was pre-stretch!

Here the girls are showing their egg huntin skills...not using the elbows like I taught...but we still have a few more years of hunting to master that skill!

It wouldn't be Easter or any holiday for that matter without a goofy
look from Mr. Gay!
We had brunch with the family at Beaches in Vancouver. They are very accommodating for our small party of 22 including 4 high chairs soon to be 6!
(No that wasn't a typo and no I am not pregnant!)
Thank goodness my cutie patootie Rylee got to join us from Tacoma!!! Her and I bonded...and she mastered her "top" skills...This was a "still" second...she can maneuver out of that highchair in .2 seconds flat and she doesn't stop moving EVER!!!!
And here is sweetie pie Aubrey...she wasn't fond of a whole lot of people this day so we gazed at each other from afar!
And how sweet is this picture of Adison?!?!?! I just found this in my roll(old skool!) She is stinkin cute!!!! When she got to brunch she sat on the table facing me just staring at me for like 15 minutes. The only thing that got her to change her expression was when I would "head butt" her and she butted back...then she would grin...she was the ONLY one of the 4 babies that would get their picture taken with the Bunny and didn't scream their head off...I don't blame those kids though...he was freaky lookin!

So that's brunch...apparently I didn't get a photo of the other babe...wonder if I can find one on Facebook...yes, she is on Facebook! Who isn't?!?!!

Oh I almost forgot!!! One of my favorite things about Easter...Rose gave me a copy of Pioneer Woman's COOKBOOK!!!!!!!! And Rose and some other friends and I are going to see her on April 19th!!!!!!!

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