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Friday, May 14, 2010

Skimming or Scamming...

Wednesday: Debit card declined at a hurry...didn't really care or think too much about the 18 year old that probably didn't even know how to swipe the darn thing anyway! Maybe I should have?!?!?!

Thursday: credit card

Friday: credit card

Saturday: gas station attendant declares card is declined...hmm...maybe this is serious? We couldn't get home fast enough for me to check my account online...I was 99% sure I didn't overdraw... check internet...everything is fine....hmm.

Sunday: tried to make deposit that was long overdue...card is declined?!?!?! How does a card get declined if you are trying to deposit?!?!

Call the 1-800 number and talk to lovely gentleman that says..."Oh it's not your fault...fraud has been detected on your card let me transfer you!!!" click...

Me: SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!!!! (waiting for the next person to answer) SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!!!!
My head: Oh man I am never going to be able to recover from the thousands of dollars that have been spent by someone who has taken my identity...I will have to go to court to testify...I won't be able to take out any loans or credit cards...this is going to be horrible!!!!!!!!!!

Lady on the phone: "Okay Miss MegPie how can I help you?!?!"

I explained the situation...

Lady on the phone: "Oh...well let's look!"

My head: Yeah! Let's! Can't wait!

LOTP: "It looks like you have been part of a skimming that has gone on. Skimming is when a device is placed on the credit/debit card slider to collect your information on your card as well as your PIN to scam you. The reason you are getting declined is due to the fact that as soon as the company called us, we cancelled your card. "


LOTP: "Let's go through your last transactions to make sure they didn't actually use the information."

We go through to find NOTHING is out of the ordinary and all the transactions are mine!!!!


What was weird is that C and I were at lunch the day before and the ladies behind us were talking about how one of them got skimmed or scammed and they used $1,000 before they caught it. I was thinking..."wow that sucks!"

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