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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

10 on Tuesday....

1. OUR DECK IS ALMOST FINISHED!!! I am pretty excited about looks awesome. Not quite done, but The Boy has been working like a maniac to get it done.

2. Now that the deck is on it's way...I have been looking for flower pots, etc. Sometimes there are things that I can't get myself to pay full price for and that is one of them. Today I went to JOANN's superstore and got an awesome pot that hangs...I already have flowers in and am waiting for The Boy to hang it on our new hanging basket hanger.

3. We had a fabulous 4th of July celebration with the B's...Below are pic of their little dude and my big dude. We ate brisket, chinese chicken salad that I believe has the name of Fume, salmon roll, chips and dips, strawberry pie, fruit salad...and I could go on and on!

4. My bedskirt is almost done! As soon as it is, I will post pics of it! Mother is actually on her way over to finish it off. Update: It's done! Mother did it for me...we have a platform bed that is homemade by The Boy himself and so a regular bedskirt would not work. I found the velcro idea over at Beneath My Heart .

5. We had dinner with the Semilliams on Friday that was DELICIOUS!!!! Plus we took their outdoor patio set! It needs and coat of paint and unless I buckle and let The Boy paint it GRIZ colors...we may not have it painted for awhile. =) Update: I am buckling fast!

6. Rose and I are about to start our Summer Breakfast Explosion!!!!! Stay tuned for more details!

7. Tomorrow will be my Day 5 of couch to 5k...somedays I think I may die or crumble to the ground...but I am working on it!

8. Today I went to get my allergy shots (every Tuesday I have a date with Nurse Cheryl or Nurse Emily, who both rock by the way) and someone called in to make an appt. The place is very quant...also known as SMALL and so you can hear pretty much anything...and now that I think of it...the receptionist totally violated all HIPAA laws by almost yelling to the nurse that Senator Ron Wyden will be coming in tomorrow for an appt.! Poor fellow has lots of allergies! For those of you who don't know...which is probably most...I am star doesn't matter who you are but if you are in the least bit famous...I am enamored with you!

9. No one shoot me when I say this...but...BOREDOM has set in folks...yes yes I enjoy the off summers, but I mean by yourself all freakin day?!!?!? You can only go to Target so many times a day before they know your name or start following you around the store. Somedays are awesome, but others aren't so fun. Please don't shoot me you non-teachers and parents with kids that keep them going ALL summer long!

10. I must end this as my walking partner is going to arrive shortly. She saved me from my nightly if day boredom isn't bad enough...I count the minutes till The Boy gets home and he decides to go FISHING!!!!! wa wa wa...

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Heidi Williams said...

Ya! You got a little taste of the local color that is "Aloha" Oregon. Something about that carafe of wine & those giant pieces of pizza.

Love your recent crafty posts, and those marshmallow sticks look delicious.