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Monday, June 29, 2009

Trails and Tribulations Part 3, June 13th (almost caught up!) Front half of Pup Falls, Clackamas River Trail

This is the front half of the Clackamas River Trail.  We knew we only wanted to go part Pup Falls and back.  We came across a few "falls" and thought we had gone far enough so after a lot of "let's go a little further" and  "maybe just a little further"...we turned around.  After researching on the internet, we were seconds away from a beautiful falls that will have to be discovered another time.  (next post)

  As I have said before, we find many damaged things on our hikes.  Here is The Boy in the tree... Another NERD in the was gross and he MADE me get in...I know what you are thinking "doesn't she have any other clothes to wear hiking?"  I just LOVE this shirt!  I am almost positive it was a regift from a kid in my class, but I LOVE it! didn't have any tags on it, so he probably pulled it out of mom's closet!  Oh!  And I hate taking pics with my pack strapped on because it shows all my lovely body features (don't be jealous!) but SOMEONE forgets to remind me and then gets mad when I ask him to take it again!

Beautiful River...there were rafters and kayakers that day..
 You probably can't see me in this picture because I am so camouflage...

Stay tuned for the second half of this hike...

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