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Monday, June 8, 2009

Trails and tribulations...Part 1 (I should be doing report cards)

So this is part 1 of MANY...I think...
I have been dating "The Boy" for awhile now.  Almost 6 months, and I have also taken up some new hobbies while dating.  Okay, let's face it...I had no hobbies therefore they aren't new...they are JUST hobbies!  But seriously...who wants to go hiking, camping, running, etc. by themselves? Exactly my point.  So now that HE is around...WE do fun things.  Most of the time.
I knew from the start he was "outdoorsy"...I can't say the same for myself.  I can camp with the best of them...and run around the track, but nothing past that.
So it started with a few VERY small hikes (they weren't small at the time) and jumped to a ten miler last weekend...YES ! 10 MILES!!!  We almost broke up twice...he likes to bring up one of the exact quotes I went something like this...
Me: "If you take me down that hill I WILL break up with you because you are putting my life in danger!  AND YOURS BECAUSE I WILL KILL YOU!!!"
So I get a little meanish when I am starving and dehydrated!!!
The premise of the story is this...he didn't exactly communicate with me exactly how far we were going...therefore we weren't prepared!!!
Below are some pictures...I left out the meanface ones.  The view was GORGEOUS and it was fun times really.  Awesome excercise too!  Oh yes yes..where did we go you ask?  Angel's Rest to the beginning of the Wakeena Falls Trail and back.
Stay tuned for what we did this last weekend...

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The Jensen said...

That looks like a lot of fun! You should be running a marathon with me soon. Have fun with Chuck!