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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bebe Lovin...

Well Friday was the day! I got to see all my bebes'!

It was super fun to see my sweet cousins all "plump".

They got a million presents and lots of belly love from Auntie MegPie!

Rylee gave me a few kicks to let me know she was diggin the lovin!

Adison and Aubrey weren't so active...their mama didn't want me to wake them up...she mumbled something about being uncomfortable...who doesn't love a good kick in the ribs once in awhile?!?!?

Here are some pics!

Mama #1, Mrs. Jensen, Rylee, and Auntie MegPie

Mama #2, Mrs. Gay, Aubrey & Adison, Auntie MegPie

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