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Friday, February 6, 2009

I heart Field Trips!!! SIKE!

Thursday called for a field trip...our first of the year to be exact.
My ONLY experience with field trips have been in Kindergarten. Kindergarten Field Trips= BIGGEST NIGHTMARE OF MY LIFE!
I always took two classes...TOO many parents...AND didn't have enough patience! My last Kindy field trip involved a a cop, 2 buses for 6 classes (if you do the math we needed about 4 buses!) a lost kid we fondly named Little Richard (btw had no idea he was lost!), a kid hiding in the bushes, me in tears, a puker, and a tantrum thrower (like on the ground screaming and kicking)...that is pure awesomeness people!!!!

First grade field trip=MUCH better...more calm....less parents.

Yesterday, we attended a play downtown. We took a school bus down, saw a play, got right back on the bus and back to our place of education. Pretty simple day. I can't complain...although I have a top ten list of things I have to share about it...

Top Ten Things I Loved about Yesterdays Real World Education:

1. Kids crying because they are going to wet their pants
2. Extremely nauseas children on the bus ride
3. Parents also a little nauseas from the bus ride
4. Ushers that don't like children...or adults for that matter!
5. There's nothing like the smell of 500 kids that have gas! They have no manners!
6. The show involves the kids clapping to music...UGH! I hate that! The kids have no idea when to stop!
And they have no rhythm!
7. Duffel bag I have to carry full of medications: from EpiPens, to Benadryl, to inhalers, to bandaids.
8. Counting your children 100 times an hour to make sure you didn't lose any.
9. Having to just sit in the bus with 50 kids for 20 minutes because we are too early!

Happy Weekend!

Oh yeah..Sunday I get to go to DQ's Birthday! Yeah!!!!

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themorrisbunch said...

Been blog-stalking you, coming out of the "closet" now. I HAVE to comment on the counting your children 100 times an hour to make sure you haven't lost any. I did daycare for waaay too many years...and the counting to ensure no lossage of children NEVER LEAVES YOU! It will haunt you FOREVER! I am constantly counting my kids, and other peoples kids for that matter! And I don't do childcare anymore!
Love your blog! I always come over when I need a laugh!