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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Big Girls Don't Cry...

Today I had a sub for just a few hours in the am. I arrived back at school about 12:20ish. This happens to be the same time on the clock that my children arrive back in the classroom from their afternoon recess. As I drove into the parking lot, I noticed that the rain was coming down...or as my children would say this week "It is extreme rain!" (extreme is one of our vocab words this week! I get so proud when they use it correctly!) I tried to sneek a peek at the playground to see if they were out...I didn't see anyone thank goodness!! Dry kids for the rest of the afternoon!

I walked into my classroom, to find this:
Children Crying Pictures, Images and Photos
(add a little rain to them)
Too bad I am SOOO not kidding!

They were bawling hysterically! I thought it was a joke at first because it was "fake". I looked at my sub who happens to be a friend of mine...and we exchanged "the look".

My children were caught in the downpour, BUT weren't smart enough to go under the cover once it started. Some were, others didn't get that many brain cells apparently. There were sightings of children actually standing under the edge of the cover just so they could get rain to fall right on them...

I so have NO patience for crapolla like's fine if they come in like nothing is the matter...but when they are crying and carrying on all afternoon is get a little crazy! We will be having a LONG talk about recess decisions tomorrow =)

Hope ya'll had a great day!

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