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Monday, November 24, 2008

An interesting thing happened on the way to the deli...

this could also be called, "Why the heck do you let your kids put stickers on your car windows?"

So I was sitting at a light today. I was en route to delivering a sandwich to my friend Don...aka Donavin Viallobos. He will be my music star in my video that I am creating soon called "Funk on a Whole New Level". Starring ME of course! (that is a high school joke...maybe a dream...)

Don's wife had the ever so dreadful...wait for it...TONSILECTOMY!!! Ugh!!! I know that story WAY too well! So she had her surgery and he is on his own with the baby. I think he is a great daddy and takes just as much care of little Tony as she does. I mean granted he is the bread winner and all but he knows his baby stuff. She can't pick the baby up right now so he is on daddy duty 24/7. I took him a beloved SUB from Foster's on Fremont. This joint is a great little place...very similar to Sandwich Depot Deli if you are familiar with that hole in the wall of PURE goodness.

Anyway, back to the light...across the intersection I see this car...pretty nice one if I do remember correctly. It had these white things all over the back window. Hmm...what in the world is that? The car gets it's green light before me so I get a closer look as she comes around the corner. It was STICKERS!!! Who in their right mind lets their kids put stickers on the windows of the car!!! Let's all say it together...GHETTO!!! Now don't get me wrong...I am fully aware that stickers probably will come off with a little exacto knife and Goo Gone...(i think Goo Gone and Gorilla Glue should be married and maybe even come in a package together) I can picture it now..."Sure kids! Mommy doesn't care about her $40,000 car!! Stick away!!! What are people thinking? This proves my theory... as a teacher, I have come to realize there are A LOT of parental units that have NO skills at parenting therefore that is what they let their kids do to keep them "out of their hair". God forbid you have a nice conversation with your ankle biter while in the car on the way to your tanning appointment!

The Hills is on...gotta run!

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