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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Only children...

So...I have just a couple of "only children" in my class. Those are my "special friends". Who has one kid these days anyway? SMART PEEPS THAT IS WHO!!! =( Kidding!

Anyway, I have a new job. This entitles teaching the whole first grade technology. As you all know...I am a technology genius!!! I was thrilled when Stewie asked me to take this on...all I could imagine was Facebook pages galore! Perhaps even a blog...or 75! It would be glorious!!! Okay Okay...that didn't really happen. So in my technology lessons we use laptops that our wonderfully generous PTA purchased for us. Dude..the kids sold enough wrapping paper to wrap our school a few times for those things...don't even think they were being nice!
When purchasing a "laptop cart" you have a 34 laptop option or a 20 laptop option.
(i learned this in my training a.k.a. the manual) Considering that we have NO classes with less than 20 kids...34 would have been the best. Bet you can't guess what happens next?...we got the 20...YEAH! So we have to's not easy sharing laptops. Don't they know you can't have two Facebook pages up at the same time? I'm just sayin!

So I have 24 ruggety rats in my class which means some have to share. I promised that if they shared this time they wouldn't have to again...we only use them once a week...I haven't figured out that math equation but I am sure it's not right. They won't remember.

So DQ ends up sharing...I turn around to see her in tears (surprise!)...I ask what the matter is only to get the cold shoulder. She can be mean. Ladybug, who she is sharing with quickly pipes up with the answer.

"DQ is upset because she has to share. Miss MegPie...she doesn't have brothers or sisters you she doesn't know HOW to share!"

Oh snap!

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