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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The A Team has arrived...

The A Team arrived shortly after 10am on Wednesday April 15th!
Aubrey came out first weighing 4.1 and Adison came out at 4.7 at just short of 33 weeks gestation! They are doing amazing and breathing on their own! Mama and daddy are doing great too! Mom and I got to visit today! It was so fun!

Mr. and Mrs. Gay,
Please help me if I got them mixed up! I tried my hardest!

Adison Stephanie...named after my sister Stephanie...mama just opened up her blanket and she sounded like a little cat!

Aubrey Diane...named after Mr. Gay's late mother...Aubrey woke up to say hi!

They are soo tiny and soo cute!!! Hopefully they will grow grow grow so they can go home and I can love on them some more!!!

Dearest Rylee...(their cousin)

Please come out soon so we can love on you too!!!!! Can't wait to see you in May!

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