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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Carlifornia knows how to PAAARTY...Part 2

I am not sure about you...but little maps on pamphlets aren't so easy to navigate off a 2005 navigation system doesn't work as well in 2009...I'm just sayin! Sally was telling us to get on the freeway and there was no entrance! We managed though...good thing Rose is like her own little navigation system!


The place was colorful, vibrant, and smelled great! It was a child's dream! Maybe my dream too! There were Jelly Bellys everywhere and crazy colors all over the place. We were scooted into a line and put on our awesome tour hats...they pretty much rocked. Our tour guide made sure to inform us that we were NOT to take those hats off! So they wouldn't get hair in the beans?!?!?! Sad camera photography! What the heck is a tourist like me to do in an amazing place like this?!?!?!

Here is a shot of Abby posing with her hat on pre-tour guide lecture. Sam is taking a nap behind her before we get started. Now that I write this blog, I realized how many more photos I could have taken to make this post 100% better. Oh well..memories people memories!

After going through the tasting line, Rose purchased some "gross" JB's. They look like the actual JB's but they taste like things such as: skunk spray, boogers, diapers, pencil shavings, you get the point... so an afternoon of trick Jelly Bellying took place. EVERYONE that walked in the door had to try one. When you have 6 kids in the house...everything is entertaining!
The rest of the trip was visiting and hanging out with the fam...below I have posted some pics that I got from Rose or just in plain didn't make the cut the first go round. ENJOY!

This is at the Casino mentioned is Cali knows how to partyyy part 1...the girls were in the arcade with their cousin so when we went in to get them...I joined in the fun!!!

The AMAZING food from Taylor's Automatic Refresher.

They even had sweet potato fries!!! YUMMY!!

Some bowling with the kiddos...the 4 year olds were darling...Ellie needed to help them give the ball a little push. I LOVE this picture!

Thanks Rose for a great trip!!! Until next like a rock star!!!

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