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Thursday, April 16, 2009


For those of you that know linguistics pretty well, or you are a teacher like me and don't know linguistics well =)...(to tell you the truth I am not even sure if this is indeed linguistics...but it sounds like a fun word to use) you know what the header means.

Unit 5 week 4 is where we are people!
That means one more week of Unit 5 and then 5 weeks of Unit 6 then guess what?!?!?! WE ARE DONE!!!! Yes, as in SUMMER!! HOLLA!!!

This weeks word patterns are -orn and -ork. So our spelling works are things like fork, pork, born, horn, etc. You get the picture.

Yesterday during reading groups I was working with 4 kiddos and a whiteboard.
I would tell them the word and they would tell me the letters so I could write them on the board. This task for me is very boring but the kids enjoy it. I have been known to "zone out" while just do sometimes. You can teach in your me!

The word was PORK. The first monkey said, "P".
second monkey said, "O"
third monkey said, "R"
fourth monkey said......."N"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me, being out of it writes it on the board and quickly erases it!

"No, honey the word is PORK PORK PORK!"

Thank goodness Stewie didn't come in at that moment. =)

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