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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fifths disease...

We don't have school tomorrow so I am excited as a mouse!

Today, as we are about packing up to go home...Mrs. Craziness, aka our secretary, brought in an URGENT notice to go home. She made it clear that it needed to go home TODAY. Must be something SUPER important...I couldn't quite get to the location of the papers at the time as I was explaining something or another to the munckins. I was thinking in my head what it could be is what I came up with and my reasoning....

1) Lice breakout...SURPRISE! We have as much lice in the building as we have pencils...I know I know I shouldn't complain because the West Side of my school district has it ten times worse, which I can't even imagine!
Lice! Pictures, Images and Photos
2) Fundraising crapolla! Probably not that because we have had 50 other notices about that go home just this week.

3) Hmm...I don't really have a number three.

FINALLY, I am getting ready to release my kids off the carpet to get packed up. I realize that their folders are already packed and I will have to walk around and pack this new notice in their bags myself. I wasn't feeling that as I walked closer to the paper, I decided that depending on what it was... I would scare the children into putting it in their folder themselves.


There is two reported cases of this disease at our school. Apparently it is a red blotchiness and cold symptoms, BUT you aren't contagious anymore once the blotchiness Photobucketarrives. BUT they have to send a note home because it is very harmful to pregnant women. I guess this would be the time to tell you...I am expecting!!!! RIIIGGGHHHTTTTT!!!!!!!!

Perhaps this wasn't the best judgement call I have ever made in teaching...but I think it did the trick. I quiet the kids and tell them about this disease going around our school and it is important for their parents to see this letter, blah blah blah. I think they all got the point and put it in their bags.

We are headed out the door...and BAM! Peanut Gallery aka Twinie says, "Sorry I can't help you with your little disease (he puts air quotes up around disease) Miss Conway," and walks out.

P.S. I don't know the kid in the picture...that was just the poor child that came up when I looked in photobucket...

Mrs. Gay,
Please watch out for Fifths Disease.


No school Fridays make me happy!

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