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Monday, October 6, 2008

Hand sanitizer...what not to do with it...

Hand sanitizer is my friend. Hand sanitizer kills germs. Germs are my enemy. Many of you know, germs congregate like a freakin gospel choir in my immune system.

Hand sanitizer is only used in my room at certain times of the day. I AM certain that if there were no restrictions, we would have children hands crumbling from being so dry. They LOVE hand sanitizer and I don't know why!!!! 3 times a day it is used in my classroom... 1) before snack 2) before lunch 3) after lunch recess with the exception of a nasty sneeze or something, those are the ONLY times it is SUPPOSED to be used. I used "supposed" lightly.
Now, before you all get your panties in a bunch hear me out. I was weary of using so much hand sanitizer. Some say it causes a "stronger strain of the cold virus" to come back. (I think that person made that crapolla up!) Some say you can get drunk from drinking it so it isn't safe in the classroom, (well, sometimes I question this, but I hope that my kids aren't THAT dumb! we have a drinking fountain in the classroom for pete's sake!), BUT FOLKS LISTEN AND LISTEN CLOSELY...
I have had a doctor with FULL credentials (i hope) tell me that it is perfectly okay and she actually praised me for using it so often in my classroom and a med student who did the same. SO THERE!

Anyway...onto my story...Student 2 was my man today. Poor little dude. Comes walking up to me, I can almost recall a limp, but don't quote me on that one. I notice he has one eye closed...or trying to do that at least. I asked what was up. He looked like a stinkin pirate I could hardly keep my laughs in. He told me he had "hand sanitizer in his eyeballs." Hmm...interesting considering this WAS NOT one of the teacher recommended/demanded times to use the HS. I asked him to tell me what exactly happened. He states that he was moving the bottle and he dropped it and KAPOW!!!! it squirted in his eye. True story. I sent him to the nurse's office/secretary and she rinsed it for him. I was sure Stewie would come down with him and take all my sanitizer away, but he didn't. =) I can rest again. And yes, Student 1 is just fine. I am scared to look at my emails tonight though in fear of an email from Momma. What can I say? I live life dangerously!

P.S. For those of you that LOVE this item as much as me, try the pink's to DIE FOR!!!

Pink Hand sanitizer makes me happy!

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