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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Today...I was sitting at my kidney table with some kids and their math.

For whatever the heck reason...the presidential election came up in conversation...kind of weird of many reasons of which I will share below:

1) We were working on subtraction.

2) We were working on subtraction.

3) We were working on subraction.

4) What the are 7 year olds doing talking about the election?!?!?!

Girl student says..."I know who I am voting for?"

Boy 1 says..."Who?"

Boy2 says..."We all need to vote for McCain!"

Boy 1 says..." Is that the white guy or the black guy?"

Girl says laughing..."The white guy"

Boy 1 says..."I am not voting for that white guy!"

Boy 2 says..." Everyone HAS to vote for McCain...he is the best and you know what is the best about him? HE IS GOING TO LOWER THE PRICES!!!"

Girl says disgusted..."No way I am NOT voting for him!"

There you have it...incase you were confused about who to vote for...take some voting advice from my class.

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