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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Maracas and Mice...

For whatever reason...I have been collecting maracas. Darling T-Girl brought me the "Oregon Duck" one before I was going to the football game that I never made it to due to illness. BOO!

My girls make EVERYTHING Oregon colors. They are darling! Okay, maybe I threaten that if anything comes in the room orange and black they all flunk and go back to kindergarten...but that's neither here nor there.

The second and obviously smaller piece of work is from L-Bug. I think she saw the original instrument and needed to do her part of my musical collection. I have a rather large one you know!

Please note the large amount of tape. We have stock in scotch tape as well as masking tape.

Story of the Day:
I walk into Teacha's room about 11:00 this morning. That is her smoke break time between Kindergarten sessions. You know...she is the loon that took my job last year...all together now...BLESS HER HEART! Her momma, Netty, and her were eating their little Subway sandwiches. As I walk in, out of the corner of my eye I see something run under the table. Now, I don't run on a whole lot of sleep so sometimes my eyes do crazy little things. Not today ladies and gentlemen! I saw a freakin RODENT! I quick jumped on a chair and screamed..."MOUSE!"

Netty gets her garbage can and tries to catch it. Teacha gets on the phone and the secretary doesn't even believe her!!!! FINALLY the secretary comes down as well as the custodian, the principal, and the next door teacher. We had 7 people total screaming and trying to catch it. It was a lovely sight. We started rumors so by the end of the day
"There was a racoon in the Kindergarten room!"
I didn't want you to think I was I took a picture of the first place I saw it...he was too fast for me to get him!


Maracas make me happy!

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