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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

They don't call me MegPIE for nothin!

Hello!  My name is Miss MegPie and I like to eat.  I have an eating problem.  A HUGE eating problem.  Perhaps an addiction.  Eating makes me happy.  Eating makes me sad.  I am an eater.
In September of 2006 I joined a little something called Weight Watchers.  This is where you watch your case you didn't know.

I was approached by two co-workers who wanted to do an intervention with me regarding my eating problem...KIDDING!  

Take two:

I was approached by two friends/co-workers that were planning on heading to the nearest Weight Watchers meeting that day during our lunch hour and asked if I wanted to join.  Sure! Why not?  I have a problem.  I can admit it.  Don't think I am going back next week though!
We go...I am weary.  They sign up for some 10 pass deal.  This girl doesn't go for "deals" the first time of hearing about it.  I KNEW I wasn't coming back therefore I wasn't getting the pass. I decided to give it a whirl.  The next week, we went back at the same time and low and behold...Miss MegPie lost 8 lbs!!! I am not even joking you people!  It was pretty easy too!  So I kept with it.  I left my workplace and went to student teach at my current school.  Great news!  WW lady comes to the school!!! HOLY COW...literally!  All I could think of was the weight problem these teachers must have if the lady comes to them!  Yeah right...can we say a bunch of paranoid freakos!!!  But heck..if she's coming to me I am down!

By the end of my first year at WW I had lost 43 lbs.  HOLLA!!!

Travel to present time:
I am only down 35 lbs. but I am back at it.  It is a struggle and always will be.  I need to do it.  I have to do it.  For me and me only.  

I need to be the size 8 I was in high school.  There is no reason I can't be!!!!

This was a boring post...sorry!  My kids need to step it up.  No good material!  Come on kids!  Teacher needs some bloggin material duh?!?!?!?

Being down .8 lbs. after the weekend I had makes me happy!

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