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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

God...and my kidney table

Children in general are obsessed with God. What does that tell us? That tells us they are listening...they have faith...they know everything will be okay.

Today I had set the children off to work on an individual project...please notice I said "individual". Please keep in mind...NOTHING in my class is individual. These kids are the chattiest kids in the WORLD! As my sophomore year english teacher would say, you guys would talk to the wall if you had to! Or something to that effect. She was a little nutso if you ask me!

So I like to just meander around the room and listen to their conversations.
Today this is what I hear coming from the trapezoid table...

Student A: "You know God is watching you right now!"

(this sparks my attention because God is always a great subject of funniness from my kids)

Student B: "Oh! I know!"

Student C: "I don't know about that!"

Student D: (very loud student) "NO NO HE IS!!! My mom told me!"

Student B: "yeah when you play hide and seek, God is the only one that knows where you are hiding!"

Student A: "What about Jesus? Does he know where you are hiding?"

Student B: "Hmm...maybe we should try it sometime!"

Of course! Just try is sometime!

Later in the day I am working with some of the students that have yet to finish a supposed one day project. (Why? Why do I do this to myself? I think it will be a great thing and BAM! It is the worst lesson EVER! What can I do? Throw their work away? They would totally remember! Or would they? =) I have been known to ditch a few things in the BIG blue file...aka the recycling. Mostly due to it being a total bomb lesson. I blame it on the custodian if they ever bring it up. In all my days of "ditching" one thing has gotten brought up. I have a winning record.) So I am at my most favorite spot in the room..the kidney table! I heart my kidney table! God so help me if someone steals it from me! For those of you not familiar with my favorite piece of classroom furniture goodness...picture this in all it's glory...a table shaped like a kidney bean! Pure genius people! I hope the inventor is living the dream right now...those bad boys are NOT cheap either! Anywho...I sit in the part that goes in a little and the turkeys sit around me. I am in arms reach of all of them. Little Nicky approaches me while at "my table". He wants to know when we can try and see if Jesus is watching us to. "Maybe tomorrow!" I said. "Okay, that sounds good!" he replied. Very content with my answer.


My kidney table makes me happy!


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