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Friday, October 10, 2008

Good Meggie...

As I sit and write this, I can hear little girl giggles in my bedroom.  A and S are here spending the night for the first time ever.  They have been in the room for an hour now.  No sleep to be found. They are going to be so freakin tired in the morning and we are getting up early to go to our friend's soccer games.  Oh well!

We went to Gustav's for dinner...FONDUE baby!  Then came home, gave the girls a bath while they complained my tub was dirty.  Worst day of my life!  I do have to say there were a few little new dirties in there...not sure where they came from.

About a half hour ago I am lying on the couch watching some tube.  I remember the wonderful peanut M & M goodness that Rose packed in the girls' suitcase for me.  I get up to get them and Sam can hear me get up and grab them.  "Meggie what are you doing?"  I hear from the bedroom.
"Nothing," I said.
"Are you eating your M & M's?"
"Why did we buy those for you?" asks Abby
"Cause you are nice!" I said
"NO!  Cause you are a good Meggie!"

Thank goodness I am a good Meggie!  We will see if I am still a good Meggie in the morning!

M&M's make me happy!

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